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Here's another great collection for the fans.

Sorry it's been awhile since I have uploaded anything.

Hope this makes up for it....Enjoy!

Also I will have another upload ready to go in about a week or so.

And remember to always SEED

And always support the bands here....go out and buy their albums :)

Papa Pitufo


More at ibit.to
And ibit.uno
And ibit.am
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2 years ago

seeeeeeeeeeeeeeed plz !!!

2 years ago

Many thanks for these. I am still seeding 24/7. Ratio 5:1 and only 2 seeds to 9 peers. And NO thanks. So sad. Be well


Öxxö Xööx LMDLM.mp4 99 MB
Equilibrio Erszebeth.mp4 88 MB
Nightwish Stargazers (Live Tampere).mp4 86 MB
Eleanor Mourning.mp4 84 MB
Quadrus The Alpha Origin.mp4 74 MB
Fourth Circle Iron Drops.mp4 74 MB
Xandria We Are Murderers (We All) (ft. Björn Strid of Soilwork).mp4 72 MB
Once Human Gravity.mp4 71 MB
Persona Forgotten.mp4 71 MB
Temperance A Thousand Places.mp4 70 MB
Esperoza Blame It On Me.mp4 69 MB
Evergrey In Orbit (feat. Floor Jansen).mp4 68 MB
Sirenia The 12th Hour.mp4 68 MB
Nymphill Victoria.mp4 64 MB
End My Sorrow Wither Away.mp4 63 MB
Leaves' Eyes Fires in the North.mp4 61 MB
SubRosa Troubled Cells.mp4 61 MB
Evenmore The Ride Begins.mp4 61 MB
Sanctorium Spirit.mp4 60 MB
Eleanor In Gloom....mp4 59 MB
Esperoza Unknown Summons.mp4 59 MB
Light & Shade You Are.mp4 59 MB
Epica Ascension Dream State Armageddon.mp4 59 MB
Oathbreaker Immortals.mp4 56 MB
Nostra Morte El Fantasma de la Opera.mp4 55 MB
Xiphea Star Talers.mp4 54 MB
Words Unspoken Goodbye My Love.mp4 54 MB
Tezaura In the Clouds.mp4 54 MB
Rage of Light Sick.mp4 54 MB
Evil Drive Anti-Genocide.mp4 54 MB
Oathbreaker Glimpse Of The Unseen.mp4 53 MB
Lipshok Path of Stone.mp4 52 MB
Evyltyde Disappear.mp4 51 MB
Forever Still Awake the Fire.mp4 50 MB
The Autist Pandora's Curse feat. Polina Psycheya.mp4 50 MB
The Murder of My Sweet Personal Hell.mp4 45 MB
Serenity In Murder ‐ The Rule.mp4 44 MB
Sirenia Dim Days Of Dolor.mp4 44 MB
Eths Bulimiarexia.mp4 43 MB
Sisters Of Suffocation Phobophobia.mp4 41 MB
Sisters Of Suffocation Brutal Queen.mp4 40 MB
Eternal Idol Another Night Comes.mp4 40 MB
Forever Still Save Me.mp4 39 MB
Nightmare Serpentine.mp4 38 MB
Tezaura The Perfectionist.mp4 37 MB
Secret Rule I Have The Sun.mp4 36 MB
Eternal Idol Awake In Orion.mp4 34 MB
The Autist Ethereal.mp4 34 MB
Skillet Not Gonna Die.mp4 34 MB
The Agonist The Man Who Fell To Earth.mp4 32 MB
Oathbreaker No Rest For The Weary.mp4 27 MB
Oathbreaker Origin.mp4 18 MB
Eths Crucifère.mp4 17 MB


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