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Eichmann in My Hands: A First-Person Account by the Israeli Agent Who Captured Hitler's Chief Executioner

By Peter Z. Malkin

Narrated by Jonathan Davis

Published by Tantor Media in 2019

English, 8 hours 58 minutes, Unabridged

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The true story behind "one of history's great manhunts" and the film Operation Finale by the Mossad legend who caught the most wanted Nazi in the world (The New York Times).

1n 1960 Argentina, a covert team of Israeli agents hunted down the most elusive war criminal alive: Adolf Eichmann, chief architect of the Holocaust. The young spy who tackled Eichmann on a Buenos Aires street—and fought every compulsion to strangle the Obersturmführer then and there—was Peter Z. Malkin. For decades Malkin's identity as Eichmann's captor was kept secret. Here he reveals the entire breathtaking story—from the genesis of the top-secret surveillance operation to the dramatic public capture and smuggling of Eichmann to Israel to stand trial

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