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Deadly Blessing (1981)

  • Horror Mystery Thriller
  • After her husband dies of mysterious circumstances, a widow becomes increasingly paranoid of the neighboring religious community that may have diabolical plans for her.

  • $2,500,000
  • Description

    A former Hittite (a member of an Amish-like sect) dies in a mysterious tractor "accident", and his widow is left to face the frightening Hittites who view her as "the incubus" and may have sinister designs on her.

    Deadly Blessing (1981) download

    Deadly Blessing (1981) download

    Deadly Blessing (1981) download

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    6 days ago

    A solid shocker, ruined by a botched story and a ridicolous finale, but already demonstrating the greatness of his director, Wes Craven. A couple of scenes in the movie (like the dream spider sequence with a young and pretty Sharon Stone, and the almost heartstopping snake in the bath scene) are really good and even the movie is good for more than half is length. Alas, the botched explanation of the resolution of the story (really stupid and very similar to another movie of those years - Sleepaway Camp) and the really ridicolous demon apparition at the end of the movie soften the total impact of this otherwise more than watchable thriller with mildly supernatural tones.

    6 days ago

    A nifty little thriller that involves three best friends consoling each other after the murder of one of their husbands. Out in the middle of rural USA the ladies are threatened by the local religious sect (the Hitites) for which the husband was once a part of. It seems one of the Hitites incubi is on the loose killing the yokels and not even the sheriff can stop it. A good cast of recognizable faces (Sharon Stone, Ernest Borgnine, Michael Berryman, etc) and an above average (but not very original) script into a sometimes thrilling film. Did anyone notice that the bathtub scene looks very familiar (think NOES). Suspiria10 says B-

    6 days ago

    Wes Craven was attached to this project which should be enough for me to watch ...That being said its got excellent cinematography for its time, perfect music score, good acting and sexy beautiful girls ...and what do you know, an original horror plot. I found this film to have a great ambiance and artsy vibe, the location elevated the film and the death scenes were similar to those of Dario Argento .. (suspiria). The ending was a bit blotchy, but overall the film was very good with great scares, you can tell while watching it that its something created by the master behind SCREAM! It truly deserves a higher rating and more acknowledgement ... and even a remake ... (under tim burton or wan?)Ps. Be wary of the Amish lol FINAL GRADE B


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