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'Volunteer' Souls & Lost Knowledge

Date: 10-22-09
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dolores Cannon, Dr. Len Saputo

Past-life regressionist and author Dolores Cannon discussed the waves of people known as "volunteers," aliens in human form, who are coming to Earth in increasing numbers, and other "lost knowledge" she derived from her hypnosis sessions with clients placed in deep trance. While ETs seeded the planet, and developed the human race from monkeys, it is only in the last 50 years or so, that volunteer souls from other planets and spiritual dimensions have been coming to Earth to be born in human bodies, she explained. The timing of this relates to the development of nuclear weapons in the 1940s, and the aliens' concern that humanity might destroy itself, she continued. Because the ETs have a policy of non-interference, they felt that bringing new souls, without previous karma, to Earth could bring about a positive change from within, she said.

She delineated three waves of volunteers:

- First Wave-- These people would be in their 40s and early 50s now, finally adjusting to life after going through turbulent early years of feeling they didn't belong here. A number tried to commit suicide or were treated for depression.

- 2nd Wave-- Presently in their 20s and 30s, these folk had an easier time, and have been called "channels, generators, and antennas," and project positive energy. Many have chosen not to have children, as this creates karma, and they don't want to have to return to Earth after this life.

- 3rd Wave-- The New Children are coming into the world with altered DNA, so they can function in a different reality (vibrations are pushing Earth into a new dimension).

Cannon also touched on her communications with Nostradamus, who told her about the power of the "group mind" to change things, and forestall dire events. She believes we have averted the worst of what Nostradamus warned about, including the coming of the third Antichrist.

Cancer Controversies

Last hour guest, Dr. Len Saputo talked about how over-testing for certain cancers is encouraged by "Big Pharma" as a way to reap profits from chemotherapy. For instance, a lot of prostate cancers are non-malignant and don't benefit from chemo, he commented. For more, see this blog posting about how the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society admitted that certain screening practices actually create more cancer patients than there need to be.


Conversations With Nostradamus Vol. I
The Convoluted Universe: Book One
A Return to Healing

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