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Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

  • Crime Drama
  • In the 1930s, bored waitress Bonnie Parker falls in love with an ex-con named Clyde Barrow and together they start a violent crime spree through the country, stealing cars and robbing banks.

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    Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061418

    Bonnie and Clyde (1967) - Torrent Downloads Download Bonnie and Clyde 1967 movie from torrent downloads selecting either torrent or magnet link and watch Bonnie and Clyde full movie on HD downloading either 1080p or 720p torrent links. Genre Biography, Crime, Drama, Romance Imdb Rating 7.9/10 (89473) Description Bonnie Parker, a bored waitress falls in love with an ex-con named Clyde Barrow and together they start a violent crime spree through the country, stealing cars and robbing banks. Duration 111 minutes Secure Links Torrent Bonnie and Clyde with VPN Stream Bonnie and Clyde with VPN Quick Links Movie Info Torrent Downloads Keywords Related Alt Titles MPAA: (R) - Restricted Cast: Dub Taylor, Denver Pyle, Warren Beatty, Evans Evans, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman, Estelle Parsons, Faye Dunaway, Gene Wilder Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, Romance Date Published: 1967-09-01 Directors: Arthur Penn Language: English Country: USA Imdb Link: Bonnie and Clyde

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    Good afternoon, we are the Barrow gang. Bonnie & Clyde stands today as one of the most important films of the 60s, it's impact on culture alone marks it out as a piece of work to note, but as gangster films go this one is something of a landmark. Quite how writers Newman & Benton managed to craft a story of two deadbeat outlaws into cinematic heroes is up for any individual viewers scrutiny, but they bloody well do it because we all want to be in the Barrow gang, because we get lost in this romanticised outlawish tale unfolding in front of our eyes. The film is a fusion of incredible violence and jaunty slapstick, and smartly pauses for delicate moments to let us into the psyche of the main protagonists, we know they have hangups, and with that we know they are fallible human beings, and this sets us up a treat for the incredible jaw dropping finale, and the impact of this finale hits as hard now as it did back with the audience's of 1967. The cast are incredible, Warren Beatty gives a truly brilliant performance as Clyde, he looks good and suave tooting those guns, but it's in the tender troubled scenes where he excels supreme. Faye Dunaway as Bonnie is the perfect foil for Beatty's layers, she nails every beat of this gangsters troubled moll. Gene Hackman, Michael J Pollard, and Estelle Parsons put the cherry on the icing to give depth and range to the rest of the Barrow gang, and these fine actors are clothed in gorgeous cinematography courtesy of Burnett Guffrey. To round out the plaudits I finish with love for director Arthur Penn because it's his vision that gives us something of a nostalgic movie that plays up and down with its subjects with cheeky aplomb, in fact it's just like the banjo music that features so prominently throughout this wonderful film. Nominated for 9 Oscars it won just the two, the entire actors who played the Barrow gang were nominated, and truth be told they all would have been worthy winners, as it is they gave out just the one to the least strongest performance from Estelle Parsons, go figure. It's legacy both in culture and box office lives on and for me Bonnie & Clyde is not only one of the best films of the 60s, it's also one of the best in history. 10/10


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