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Blair Witch (2016)

  • Thriller Horror
  • Students on a camping trip discover something sinister is lurking beyond the trees.

  • $5,000,000
  • Description

    Near Burkittsville, in the Black Hills Forest, on the root of a lightning-struck tree, the couple of Lane and Talia find a DV tape sticking out of the ground. The content of the found tape is mostly footage of static, however, near the end, there is also an intriguing small part where someone is trying to escape from something that is after him, screaming and running in an abandoned house. After accidentally stumbling across the uploaded footage, James, believing that this is his final chance to put an end once and for all in the unresolved mystery of his sister's Heather disappearance, some twenty years ago in the same woods, he assembles a team of friends in search of answers. Sooner or later, the team will go astray in the heart of a green maze that is riddled with the chilling legend of Elly Kedward, the Blair Witch who relentlessly keeps messing with their sanity, gradually taking them down, one by one. Eventually, James will find himself in the epicentre of the evil activity, ...

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1540011/

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    Blair Witch (2016) download

    Blair Witch (2016) download

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    When _The Blair Witch Project_ burst upon the cinematic scene in 1999 it was an unspeakable breath of fresh air because it deviated away from the conventional creepers that marched to the same old boo-enhanced beat. Sure, _The Blair Witch Project_ certainly was not blessed with the most creative screenplay nor could anybody definitively state that the acting was convincing to the point of no return. Nevertheless, the genuine shocks were ideally realized due to the execution of this little indie terror tale that managed to sell a morbid mystique that translated into a gory goldmine at the box office. Hence, _The Blair Witch Project_ became an unlikely sensation trending around its distinctive flair for what has become the ubiquitous and overused found footage genre nowadays. Indeed, _The Blair Witch Project_ sparked a creepy curiosity and gave birth to a unique movement in horror flicks where it managed to formulate a whole refreshing perspective to digesting frightfests based on the art of eerie suggestion through the power of promotion. Of course the “promotion” in this case presented a group of periled young people (the typical expendable guinea pigs in this kind of cinema) armed with cameras as they explored the Maryland-based woods that would end up creating a speculative frenzy about what remained through the lens of shaky images as these sitting ducks ran for dear life. Thus, the atmospheric vibes and presumed doom of these wandering targets in the woods captured a whole welcoming imagination to the manner in which little imaginative horror gems could rival the big-budgeted spook spectacles coming out of the Hollywood machine. Naturally, _The Blair Witch Project_ (as most horror-based original blueprints) was enthusiastic to capitalize on its big screen impact but not without the amount of success it originally generated the first time around. Some may recall the tepid sequel in 2000’s _Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2_ that left a dull mark for those that were stimulated by the amazing first installment. Now it would take a 16-year gap to wipe off the nostalgic dust of a boorish _Blair_ outing for another entry in the pale and anemic imitation **Blair Witch**. Unfortunately, director Adam Wingard (“You’re Next”, “The Guest”) has no absolute vision or hearty energy to channel **Blair Witch** into a scary showcase worthy of its own garish identity. Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett merely conjure up a shadowy copycat of _The Blair Witch Project’s_ goose-bumpy reputation as **Blair Witch** is rendered a listless retread. Look, there is nothing wrong with attempting to recycle the spirit of an unassuming ground-breaking horror fable that gave considerable forethought to how movie-going fans viewed scary movies in general. Still, there is a time and place for gloom-and-doom experimentation in the heart of the wicked-minded woods that worked its magic prior to the millennium age of movie-making. However, 17-plus years later there is no excuse for **Blair Witch** to be lame and lazy in its artificial scares given its continuation to carry on _The Blair Witch Project’s_ haunting bloodline. **Blair Witch’s** premise centers on the special bond of a brother-sister duo…or shall we say brother-missing sister duo. James (James Allen McCune) wants to look into the 20-year disappearance of his sister Heather who vanished in the Black Hills Forest. James is almost certain that Heather is alive and well. Furthermore, he contends that perhaps Heather is an instrumental part of the Blair Witch legend that exists. So James sets out to investigate his sister’s whereabouts but not without his entourage joining him. Among James’s friends that journey into the deep woods are Lisa (Callie Hernandez), boyfriend-girlfriend team Peter and Ashley (Brandon Scott and Corbin Reid) not to mention a couple of tour guides in Lane and Talia (Wes Robinson and Valorie Curry). In particular, Lisa has another reason to go trekking through the fearsome forest with James and company–she needs to bring along her camera and record her adventures for a film school project. And so James and his crew foolishly set out to chase the notion of survivalist Heather as Lisa concentrates on her agenda to helm a documentary-style thesis for her film-making studies. Soon, the telegraphed chaos ensues for which **Blair Witch** fanatics are accustomed to by now. The serving of the repetitive shaky cam, the so-called spontaneous hysterics and nerve-racking aura of the surrounding woods comes off as a hammy, inconsequential effect. The chills and thrills are relentlessly watered-down. Plus, **Blair Witch** does not effectively utilize its low-budgeted charm to convey the mounting tension…at least to the degree that made the original edition more appealing in its small scare toxicity. Routinely, **Blair Witch** is manufactured with all the creativity and originality of a haunted house’s creaky door searching to be lubricated. There is nary any genuine shocks or jolts that register with an impacting punch. The recipe for **Blair Witch** is a shameless by-the-dots regurgitation of the aforementioned 1999 trail-blazing woodsy terrain-terror treat. The film gets off to a rather clumsy start spotlighting lapses of silly-minded fodder to compliment the toothless scares. Sadly, the gradual build-up is relentlessly standard and morphs into typical cheesy slasher fare with an obligatory methodical pick-off of the scattering youthful prey. The only positive take that **Blair Witch** wears with a badge of honor is its advantageous usage of technological upgrading (both demonstrated on screen based on the characters’ sophisticated equipment in the storyline and the behind the scenes shoot). In being a louder and flashier production does not automatically constitute **Blair Witch** as a well-received found footage horror show. In fact, Wingard’s twitchy narrative fails despite the applied modern-day filming flourishes. In hindsight, transparent scares just does not cut it anymore in the realm of the horror universe. Structurally redundant as it travels down the familiar wooden path, Wingard does have high regard for the reminiscences of _The Blair Witch Project’s_ legacy but it is too bad that he could not emphasize his cinematic appreciation more soundly in this woefully flaccid, forest-bound frightener. **Blair Witch** (2016) Vertigo Entertainment 1 hr. 29 mins. Starring: James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Wes Robinson, Corbin Reid Directed by: Adam Wingard MPAA Rating: R Genre: Horror Critic’s rating: * 1/2 stars (out of 4 stars) (c) **Frank Ochieng** 2016

    **The history repeats, and so the story in some sequel films!** This is the third film is the 'Blair Witch' film series, but the second film from the story perspective. Anyway, I haven't seen the other sequel, you do not have to be familiar with that to follow this one. So I saw it, but what I thought is, basically this film is exactly same as the first film. Just the characters and timeline changed, that's all. They had nothing much of choice, so the story was repeated with the modern equipments. A new set of people, including a brother of one of those went missing two decades ago, heads to the same woods to investigate. But soon they all begin to witness strange, horrifying events. Now it becomes their survival game of getting out safe from there, but would they? Is what the film's end to notify us. If you are a horror genre fan, particularly about the killing stuffs, then you might enjoy it. Other than that it was not scary, well, it was not for me. The today's generation might enjoy it better, but if you are like above 30 and already saw the original, this will be an average or trash. So young people should watch it. For me, it was okay, because I was not expecting anything from it. So I hope they end it here, no to another sequel or the reboot. _6/10_


    2 years ago

    After hearing that the movie filming under the name of 'The Woods' was really Blair Witch, I was very excited to see it. I loved The Blair Witch Project and I even love it's sequel, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Despite it's generally poor reception Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 was a decent enough follow-up to The Blair Witch Project and at least tried to do something different. I think it would have been better received if the studio hadn't interfered with the cut-in shots of them running through the woods throughout, it takes away a bit of the did they/didn't they y the time it gets to the end. It certainly would have left a better legacy than the confused mess that is Blair Witch.It starts out bland and goes downhill from there. The characterizations vary between flat and outright annoying. In a bizarre stroke of laziness the character of Lisa is the only one to even be given a last name. There will probably be unmarked spoilers from here on in because Blair Witch is so confusing that I'm not even sure what would be a spoiler and what would not be.They take all of the mythology from The Blair Witch Project and instead of building on it they strip it, make their own and throw the rest out of the window. Much to the detriment of the movie. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 at least tried to make a different statement but kept the core mythology intact.Every cliche from every found footage horror movie is certainly on full display here. Annoying personalities that clash? Check. Stupid decisions at every turn? Check. These are common tropes in horror but Blair Witch ratchets them up to eleven.The one thing Blair Witch manages to avoid is the eventual found footage argument about why they keep filming. They get around that by using earcams (that stay remarkably hair-free). Of course that leaves them plenty of time to argue over even stupider stuff. Like their drone. It's established early on that it's useless but when it becomes stuck in a tree it's the end of the world.The camera work is so jerky and choppy that through the second half of Blair Witch it becomes practically incomprehensible. Presumably scary things happen but they go by so quickly that it's hard to even make out what happened. I have a feeling that they intended to use the drone footage more than they actually did. If it was cut, my guess would be because it made theater goers ill. I don't usually have a problem with motion sickness (I was fine in the first Blair Witch) and the drone shots made me a bit queasy. I'd be curious to know if anyone else had a problem with it.A 'creature' appears near the end but it's unclear from the movie whether or not it is the Blair Witch or not. I have heard that on the commentary the directors claim that it is not the Blair Witch and that the clues are in the movie. If anyone figures it out, please let me know. I'm not watching it again to find out. All I could tell from it was that it looked rather like a skinny, mossy Ent.If you want a good found footage horror I'd go back to The Blair Witch Project. It at least had some effort and creativity behind it. Hell, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 for all of it's faults is great cinema next to the convoluted mess that is Blair Witch.

    2 years ago

    Was suprised by all the bad reviews i personaly think it was very scary. Lots of jumpy parts, sound, effects, and even the witch was terrifying. I love the original movie But its not as scary as this. Plus its actually conected to the original one what i liked . Everyone is different i guess and different things scares us. Hated the creepy noises she was making, hate the "paranormal activity" effects, and the ending??? Creeepy!!!!!

    2 years ago

    Don't waste your time. The original was okay, and this one is just a train wreck. It really proves that the "found footage" genre cannot stand the test of time.

    2 years ago

    Remember the first Blair witch movie? Yeah, then you don't need to see this. It's an updated version, but without the hype and sound design (oh, there are creepy sounds in this one too, so many in fact that they stop being creepy after a short while) that made the first one successful although not good, and slightly frightening. But sure, if you like to hear people scream names of people you don't really care about, and enjoy the tiresome jump-scares, and shaky cameras, and annoying frightened breathing noises, then you might enjoy this movie. I did not.

    2 years ago

    It's one of those crap remakes, where they take an original that everyone loves, then they dumb it down to reach the Millennial Generation, and then they make it worse.The original was more psychological and made to seem realistic. This one seemed more like a slasher film. But I guess that is what happens when you start remaking shows to appeal to people that don't want to think at all.In the original, it was really your imagine that created the scares. In this one its made for people with no imagination to run wild and the difference is self apparent.Stay away. The premise just doesn't work for the new generation's tastes.


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