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Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

  • Adventure Action Fantasy Science Fiction
  • As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.

  • $300,000,000
  • Description

    The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end tothe universe.






    **DISC INFO:

    Disc Title:     Avengers.Infinity.War.2018.2160p.BluRay.HEVC.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-FGT

    Disc Size:      65,930,423,907 bytes

    Protection:     AACS2

    BD-Java:        Yes

    Extras:         Ultra HD

    BDInfo: (compatible layout created by DVDFab


    Name:                   00800.MPLS  

    Length:                 2:29:21.953 (h:m:s.ms)

    Size:                   65,239,984,128 bytes

    Total Bitrate:          58.24 Mbps


    Codec                   Bitrate             Description    

    -----                   -------             -----------    

    MPEG-H HEVC Video       46039 kbps          2160p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / Main 10 Profile 5.1 High / 4:2:0 / 10 bits / HDR / BT.2020 /


    Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description    

    -----                           --------        -------         -----------    

    Dolby Atmos/TrueHD Audio        English         5174 kbps       7.1-Atmos / 48 kHz / 5174 kbps / 24-bit (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps)

    Dolby Digital Audio             English         320 kbps        2.0 / 48 kHz / 320 kbps

    Dolby Digital Audio             French          640 kbps        5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps

    Dolby Digital Plus Audio        Spanish         1024 kbps       7.1 / 48 kHz / 1024 kbps (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 576 kbps (Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 576 kbps))

    Dolby Digital Plus Audio        Japanese        1024 kbps       7.1 / 48 kHz / 1024 kbps (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 576 kbps (Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 576 kbps))


    Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description    

    -----                           --------        -------         -----------    

    Presentation Graphics           English         32.464 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           French          24.668 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           Spanish         24.218 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           Chinese         15.534 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           Japanese        19.994 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           Korean          12.756 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           Thai            15.761 kbps                    

    Presentation Graphics           Chinese         18.36 kbps                      

    Presentation Graphics           English         0.011 kbps                      

    Presentation Graphics           French          0.398 kbps                      

    Presentation Graphics           Spanish         0.112 kbps                      

    Presentation Graphics           Japanese        0.136 kbps**

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    "It is a bold undertaking, to readjust what is expected of the MCU/Avengers formula, and there are moments when the sheer scale and momentum match the narrative ambition..." Read the full review here: http://screen-space.squarespace.com/reviews/2018/4/25/avengers-infinity-war.html

    Amazing. Visually stunning. So much going on, but somehow also clear and easy to understand. A little flabby in the middle third, but given the huge cast and story to cover it is very understandable. The highlight was the parings of characters from different stories and their interactions. If you aren't a Marvel fan this film won't convert you, but if you have liked any of the previous films you will like this too. 10/10

    Just a very short, NO SPOILERS review I wanted to get down while it's still fresh. For a movie with this much riding it, to come out not feeling disappointed, is a **massive** achievement. While I absolutely do love it I had some things that I felt were maybe imperfect about _Infinity War_, but my biggest concern was that it seemed like it would be absolutely meaningless to somebody who didn't put in the effort of watching the 18 movies leading up to it. You can probably assuage that fear though, because I went to see it with two people who had only seen _Black Panther_ at this point, and they both loved it, with minimal confusion. Personally? I can't wait to see it again. This is probably the most excited I've been about the second watch of an MCU film since the first _Avengers_. _Final rating:★★★★ - Very strong appeal. A personal favourite._

    The third act turns on a character being an idiot. That story beat renders all that the heroes do before and after it immaterial. That moment so preoccupied me that I couldn't enjoy the rest of the story, and made it impossible to ignore the flick's other glaring flaws anymore: the villain's motive makes no sense, the glove exists only to produce plot contrivances, the score is so obvious it might as well be cue cards on screen ("Feel sad now") ... The first half is some of the best action in a Disney Marvel entry yet, and the other half is so stupid that it sours the whole MCU experience.

    Best MCU movie, more than that.... BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER. Hands Down

    Nice Movie.

    Massive, epic movie. I'm so happy that Marvel is stepping up their game with their villains. For too long, MCU villains have been too bland and generic. But lately, the villains have improved with Michael Keaton's Vulture, Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger, and now James Brolin's Thanos. Thanos has appeared in several other MCU films, but he seemed rather flat in those movies. Here, he's allowed to be fully developed as a character. Especially touching is his relationship with his adoptive daughter, Gamora. It's actually surprisingly tender and moving. Thanos is the actual main focus of the film, and if he failed as a character, the entire movie wouldn't have worked. So bravo, Marvel!

    Best Movie Ever...

    Moving ending, but easily the least of the Avengers movies RELEASED IN 2018 and directed by Anthony & Joe Russo, "Avengers: Infinity War" chronicles events when the Avengers team-up with several allies to defeat the cosmic despot Thanos, whose goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones to attain unimaginable power and radically solve one of the Universe’s most challenging problems. The story focuses on Thanos, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Gamora, as well as Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. The rest of the cast members are decidedly peripheral, e.g. Black Widow, Captain America, Black Panther, Vision and Scarlet Witch. This is easily the least of the Avengers trilogy. Not to mention "Captain America: Civil War" (2016) and "Thor: Ragnarok" (2017) are significantly more compelling and all-around entertaining. Actually, all three Thor flicks are palpably superior, as is “Iron Man 2” (2010). If you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch these movies prior to viewing “Infinity War,” as well as “Black Panther” (2018) and the two “Guardians of the Galaxy” flicks (2014/2017); otherwise you’ll likely be lost because all these movies lead up to this one. “Infinity War” is certainly an ambitious comic book movie in that it notably juggles so many super-beings, but this lack of focus isn’t conducive to suspense or great drama. It’s okay at best with overkill CGI and the big battle in the closing act with the easily slaughtered four-armed dog-creatures is curiously dull. But the film gets extra points for a bold, poignant climax, which sets up the 2019 sequel. In any case, People giving it the top rating and calling it “the greatest superhero movie ever” need a serious reality check. THE MOVIE RUNS 2 hours, 29 minute and was shot in New York City, Scotland and Philippines with studio work done in Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia. WRITERS: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. GRADE: C+

    I Love this movie.

    It's the epitome of superhero trash and the franchise of manchildren. The ultimate smashing your toys together to battle only this time it's for the world to see.

    In 2012, Marvel Studios changed the cinematic landscape with a payoff that was five films in the making, proving a linked universe of movies could work. In 2014, they proved to be one of the finest purveyors of entertainment by releasing two of the best genre films of all time back to back. In 2018, Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of ten years of narrative buildup. All the pieces were patiently put in place. The payoff? Never did my inner 8 year old think he would ever be watching a movie with Iron Man and Spider-Man sharing the same screen together, but here we are. Avengers: Infinity War is a very fine piece of 'turn your brain off' storytelling, except it actually goes the extra mile to have some intelligence. We all know the film isn't the Endgame, but we're primed and ready for Part 2. Shut up and take my 💰 Marvel!



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    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/00000.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/00001.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/00002.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/00003.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/00004.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/12345.bdjo 88 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/BDJO/65535.bdjo 188 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00000.clpi 324 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00001.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00002.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00003.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00004.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00005.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00006.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00007.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00008.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00009.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00010.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00011.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00012.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00013.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00014.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00015.clpi 324 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00016.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00017.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00018.clpi 480 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00019.clpi 368 B
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    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00021.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00022.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00023.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00024.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00025.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00026.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00027.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00028.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00029.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00030.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00031.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00032.clpi 352 B
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    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00034.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00035.clpi 576 B
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    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00039.clpi 372 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00040.clpi 768 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00041.clpi 768 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00042.clpi 74 kB
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00043.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00044.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00045.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00046.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00047.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00049.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00050.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00051.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00052.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00059.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00060.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00061.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00062.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00063.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00064.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00150.clpi 392 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/CLIPINF/00151.clpi 408 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/MovieObject.bdmv 478 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00000.mpls 2.2 kB
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00001.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00002.mpls 806 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00003.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00004.mpls 526 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00005.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00011.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00015.mpls 526 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00016.mpls 526 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00020.mpls 3.6 kB
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00040.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00041.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00042.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00050.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00051.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00052.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00053.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00054.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00055.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00056.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00057.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00058.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00059.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00091.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00100.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00101.mpls 430 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00102.mpls 430 B
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    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00106.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00107.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00108.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00109.mpls 228 B
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    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00300.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00301.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00302.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00303.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00304.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00305.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00306.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00307.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00308.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00309.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00700.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00750.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00770.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00800.mpls 766 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00900.mpls 552 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00901.mpls 552 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/PLAYLIST/00902.mpls 768 B
    BDMV/BACKUP/index.bdmv 288 B
    BDMV/BDJO/00000.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BDJO/00001.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BDJO/00002.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BDJO/00003.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BDJO/00004.bdjo 272 B
    BDMV/BDJO/12345.bdjo 88 B
    BDMV/BDJO/65535.bdjo 188 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00000.clpi 324 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00001.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00002.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00003.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00004.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00005.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00006.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00007.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00008.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00009.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00010.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00011.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00012.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00013.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00014.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00015.clpi 324 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00016.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00017.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00018.clpi 480 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00019.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00020.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00021.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00022.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00023.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00024.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00025.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00026.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00027.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00028.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00029.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00030.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00031.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00032.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00033.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00034.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00035.clpi 576 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00036.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00037.clpi 368 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00038.clpi 372 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00039.clpi 372 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00040.clpi 768 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00041.clpi 768 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00042.clpi 74 kB
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00043.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00044.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00045.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00046.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00047.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00049.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00050.clpi 364 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00051.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00052.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00059.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00060.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00061.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00062.clpi 352 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00063.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00064.clpi 348 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00150.clpi 392 B
    BDMV/CLIPINF/00151.clpi 408 B
    BDMV/JAR/00000.jar 387 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/Generics_Composite1_BT2020_HDR.png 2.9 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/Generics_Composite2_BT2020_HDR.png 1.4 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/Loading_Composite1_BT2020_HDR.png 443 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_CAN_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 871 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_ENG_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 1.2 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_FRC_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 1.3 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_JPN_Composite1_BT2020_HDR.png 1.1 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_JPN_Composite2_BT2020_HDR.png 234 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_KOR_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 1.0 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_LAS_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 1.3 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_MTR_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 942 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_QuickStart_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 1.6 MB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_QuickStart_Composite2_bt2020_HDR.png 324 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_Shared_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 922 kB
    BDMV/JAR/00001/USA_THAI_Composite1_bt2020_HDR.png 1.3 MB
    BDMV/META/DL/Jacket_Picture_416x240.jpg 91 kB
    BDMV/META/DL/Jacket_Picture_640x360.jpg 150 kB
    BDMV/META/DL/bdmt_eng.xml 689 B
    BDMV/MovieObject.bdmv 478 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00000.mpls 2.2 kB
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00001.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00002.mpls 806 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00003.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00004.mpls 526 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00005.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00011.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00015.mpls 526 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00016.mpls 526 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00020.mpls 3.6 kB
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00040.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00041.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00042.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00050.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00051.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00052.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00053.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00054.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00055.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00056.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00057.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00058.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00059.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00091.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00100.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00101.mpls 430 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00102.mpls 430 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00103.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00104.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00105.mpls 538 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00106.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00107.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00108.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00109.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00150.mpls 338 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00200.mpls 496 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00300.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00301.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00302.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00303.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00304.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00305.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00306.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00307.mpls 322 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00308.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00309.mpls 228 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00700.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00750.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00770.mpls 214 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00800.mpls 766 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00900.mpls 552 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00901.mpls 552 B
    BDMV/PLAYLIST/00902.mpls 768 B
    BDMV/STREAM/00000.m2ts 12 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00001.m2ts 2.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00002.m2ts 1.3 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00003.m2ts 1.5 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00004.m2ts 2.1 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00005.m2ts 1.8 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00006.m2ts 6.6 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00007.m2ts 1.3 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00008.m2ts 1.8 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00009.m2ts 1.9 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00010.m2ts 1.7 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00011.m2ts 2.0 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00012.m2ts 1.8 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00013.m2ts 1.5 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00014.m2ts 2.8 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00015.m2ts 178 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00016.m2ts 1.3 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00017.m2ts 1.5 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00018.m2ts 682 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00019.m2ts 2.0 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00020.m2ts 1.6 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00021.m2ts 1.2 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00022.m2ts 1.5 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00023.m2ts 3.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00024.m2ts 2.1 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00025.m2ts 3.3 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00026.m2ts 3.1 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00027.m2ts 3.8 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00028.m2ts 4.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00029.m2ts 4.1 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00030.m2ts 3.0 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00031.m2ts 2.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00032.m2ts 2.7 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00033.m2ts 4.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00034.m2ts 2.7 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00035.m2ts 25 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00036.m2ts 1.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00037.m2ts 1.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00038.m2ts 1.8 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00039.m2ts 2.1 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00040.m2ts 271 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00041.m2ts 271 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00042.m2ts 65 GB
    BDMV/STREAM/00043.m2ts 406 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00044.m2ts 571 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00045.m2ts 719 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00046.m2ts 510 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00047.m2ts 786 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00049.m2ts 1.2 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00050.m2ts 1.3 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00051.m2ts 817 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00052.m2ts 786 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00059.m2ts 1.5 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00060.m2ts 1.0 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00061.m2ts 774 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00062.m2ts 627 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00063.m2ts 1.4 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00064.m2ts 1.1 MB
    BDMV/STREAM/00150.m2ts 492 kB
    BDMV/STREAM/00151.m2ts 4.0 MB
    BDMV/index.bdmv 288 B
    CERTIFICATE/BACKUP/app.discroot.crt 969 B
    CERTIFICATE/BACKUP/bu.discroot.crt 993 B
    CERTIFICATE/BACKUP/id.bdmv 104 B
    CERTIFICATE/app.discroot.crt 969 B
    CERTIFICATE/bu.discroot.crt 993 B
    CERTIFICATE/id.bdmv 104 B
    RARBG.txt 31 B
    Avengers.Infinity.War.2018.2160p.BluRay.HEVC.TrueHD.7.1.AtmosFGT -
    BACKUP/BDJO/00000.bdjo 272 B
    BACKUP/BDJO/00001.bdjo 272 B
    BACKUP/BDJO/00002.bdjo 272 B
    BACKUP/BDJO/00003.bdjo 272 B
    BACKUP/BDJO/00004.bdjo 272 B
    BACKUP/BDJO/12345.bdjo 88 B
    BACKUP/BDJO/65535.bdjo 188 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00000.clpi 324 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00001.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00002.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00003.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00004.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00005.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00006.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00007.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00008.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00009.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00010.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00011.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00012.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00013.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00014.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00015.clpi 324 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00016.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00017.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00018.clpi 480 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00019.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00020.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00021.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00022.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00023.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00024.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00025.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00026.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00027.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00028.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00029.clpi 364 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00030.clpi 348 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00031.clpi 352 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00032.clpi 352 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00033.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00034.clpi 352 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00035.clpi 576 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00036.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00037.clpi 368 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00038.clpi 372 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00039.clpi 372 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00040.clpi 768 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00041.clpi 768 B
    BACKUP/CLIPINF/00042.clpi 72 kB


    Downloading Seeding Avengers.Infinity.War.2018.2160p.BluRay.HEVC.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-FGT from to 0 peers.
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