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Avast! 2017 Premier 17.1.3394.0 + Keys [TechTools]
Avast! - Anti-virus software that can perfectly detect viruses on your hard disk, in his memory, boot sectors, etc. You can search for viruses in emails, embedded script blocker. Virus database is updated several times a day and can be downloaded via the Internet. Avast! It has an intuitive interface that supports skins.

Key features of avast!

    Blocks viruses and spyware

    It allows you to get the help of an experienced friend

    Secure online shopping and banking transactions

    Safe Run questionable programs

    Blocks hacker attacks

    Protection of personal data

    Blocks annoying spam

    Blocks phishing attacks

The main components of Avast! Premier:

   Antivirus engine. Blocks viruses and spyware.

   Remote assistance. It allows your friend to help you in case of problems with the computer.

   SafeZone. It ensures the safety of banking and shopping on the Internet (eg, air).

   Sandbox. It provides a secure virtual environment (outside your PC) to view Web pages and running programs.

   Software Updater. Provides automatic software upgrades.

   AccessAnywhere. It provides remote access to your PC.

Advantages of Avast! Antivirus Premier:

   Feel confident with our best protection. avast! Premier is superior to our already comprehensive solution Internet Security and includes new data shredder to remove sensitive data from your hard disk without the possibility of recovery; remote assistance feature that allows the user's request will automatically connect to devices of friends / relatives; as well as a new Software Updater function performs the update of all programs you use, are obsolete and / or need to correct security.

   You no longer have to worry about unpatched or outdated applications. Characteristic only for avast! Premier automated version of our new features Software Updater allows you to download the latest updates and patches for programs, protecting you from known security vulnerabilities.

   All at your disposal. At work, it took a file that stayed at home? AccessAnywhere in avast! Premier provides a remote connection to your PC.

   Do not leave any traces on your hard drive. If you want to sell or donate your old PC, this is the best way to prevent the leakage of confidential data. Typically, the data is not completely erased, removed only references to them. Our data shredder avast! Premier deletes files permanently, so that they can not be recovered by hardware or software means. This can be done in three ways: accidental overwrite, DoD and Gutmann method.

   Browse websites and communicate with your friends without any worries. Sandbox allows you to view even the dubious program in the virtual environment of the web page and run (outside your PC). Our web-screen, as well as screens to protect instant messaging and P2P provide security in social networks (eg, Facebook, or Twitter), on dating sites, Internet chat rooms (for example, a Skype or ICQ), as well as peer to peer sites for file sharing.

   Take advantage of protection in real time. Hybrid "cloud" technology transfer virus database updates to your PC in real time, so that your software avast! receives virus definitions as soon as they become known to our virus lab.

   Find out what to expect before you make a mouse click. Our "cloud" function FileRep stores data about the reputation of millions of files, so that we can pre-warn you of file reputation.

   Manage avast! on all your devices. Your AVAST Account is your personal directory, and contains all of your data to work with avast! for all desktop and mobile devices. In addition, every month we prepare for you the safety report, which provides a brief overview of the most important information (for example, the number of infected sites blocked).

   Get help from an experienced user on your network. Our remote assistance feature allows you to remotely connect to your family or friends to help with the computer. This process uses AVAST servers across firewalls and can be terminated by any party at any time.

Changes in version 2017 Avast:

   Created with an eye on the reliability and simplicity. Just one press of our program will scan your PC system for problems with the safety and performance of passwords and credentials to the home network.

   Gaming? Now, without interruption. New Game Mode automatically turns off all system notifications from Windows and software posts from Avast, freeing up the maximum computing power PC for unlimited pleasure from the process of games.

   Behavioral analyzer. We not only check the application for malicious code. Now, we also monitor their behavior for any suspicious activity.


| How to use   |


1) Open _ReadMe.txt and read Instructions

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5 years ago

Enjoy & SEED!:]

5 years ago

Works perfectly,got licence until 2022 ,thanks a lot!!!

4 years ago

well, im still downloading. ill seed if it works ;)

4 years ago

Downloaded this torrent 3 times

Every time I get error that the Avast Installer is corrupted

4 years ago

Impecable me funciono de 10.-. windows 7 x 64 licencia hasta 2021

4 years ago

Hopefully this doesn't deactivate in a month like the ones from mhktricks.net... Warning... That site gives you a stupid redirect virus.

4 years ago

Working but anybody know why the avast clean up premium keeps asking for payment whenever I click resolve? wasn't it included in this version?

4 years ago

Every time I try to run a scan Avast just stays at 0%. I have had a scan running for 2 days and it has not made 1% of progress. Why isn't this working? Also does anyone know why a lot of the features don't work and ask you to pay for them?

4 years ago

Seems to work just fine :) Will seed for some time. Thank you Thumper!

@dropsa: the additional features need additional keys. I don't think these keys are around though, so you will have to buy them.

4 years ago

thanx work fine for me

4 years ago

Works great for me and good till 2023 :). TYVM

4 years ago

I wonder whose licenses these are? Everything works great, I'm just curious.

4 years ago

I'm having problem Avast 2017 Pro can't insert License file what should I do ?

4 years ago


5 years ago

tq uploader

4 years ago

Does it have the cleanup premium?

4 years ago

Im a bit stressed that the lisence is booked under a name ... are those names real ?

4 years ago

Once the product is updated the license key is invalid.

4 years ago

Did not work, says that the file name or path is invalid when I tried to launch setup.

4 years ago

+Visceris, have you EVER downloaded a program or "App" before?? That's completely normal, you're sounding foolish

4 years ago

Cheers for the share. Works perfectly. @swissKnife. I guess your not that useful after all lol

3 years ago

Thank you very much. Followed all the instructions and works perfectly!! 10 March 2018

4 years ago

Every time I try to run a scan Avast just stays at 0%. I have had a scan running for 2 days and it has not made 1% of progress. Why isn't this working? Also does anyone know why a lot of the features don't work and ask you to pay for them?

3 years ago

Kyes are expired. Don't download it anymore.


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