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AMD's Athlon Assembler Optimization Guide (PDF) Art Of Assembly Language Programming In Linux x86.zip Art of Assembly Language Programming (PDF) Assembler Intel Code Table (PDF) Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers, Fourth Edition.iso Barry B. Brey, The Intel Microprocessors. 8th 0135026458 (PDF) Barry Kauler, Winsows Assembly Language and System Programming 1997 (PDF) Bob Neveln, Linux Assembly Language Programming 2000 (PDF) Bryant, O'Hallaron, Computer Systems. A Programmer's Perspective (PDF) Chris Eagle, The IDA Pro Book 2nd Edition (EPUB) Chris Eagle, The IDA Pro Book 2nd Edition (PDF) Comprehensive PMode Tutorials with C & ASM.zip Daniel W. Lewis, Fundamental of embedded software. Where C and assembly meets (DJVU) Dan Kaminsky, Reverse Engineering With IDA Pro (PDF) Dean Elsner, Jay Fenlanson, Using as 2.19 (PDF) Developing Utilities in Assembly Language.zip Harlan Carvey, Reverse Engineering Code with IDA Pro (PDF) Intel, Assembler - Englisch - x86 Assembly Instruction Set Reference (PDF) James Leterman, 32-64-BIT 80 x 86 Assembly Language Architecture (CHM) James T. Streib, Guide to Assembly Language (PDF) Jeff Duntemann, Assembly Language Step-by-Step Programming with DOS and Linux 2nd ed 2000 (CHM) Jeff Duntemann, Assembly Language Step by Step Wiley Jeff Dunteman, Wiley Assembly Language Step by Step Programming with Linux 3rd 2009 (PDF) John R. Levine, Linkers and Loaders (PDF) Jonathan Bartlett, Programming from the Ground Up (PDF) Kip R. Irvine, Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers. 4th (PDF) Kip R. Irvine, Assembly Language for X86 processors-15 BIOS Level Programming (PDF) Kip R. Irvine, Assembly Language for X86 processors (PDF) Knaggs, Welsh, ARM: Assembly Language Programming 2004 (PDF) Kris Kaspersky, Hacker Disassembling Uncovered (2003) (CHM) Michael Abrash, The zen of assembly language (PDF) M. Rafiquazzaman, Microprocessor Theory and applications with 68000, 68020 and Pentium (PDF) Patrick Juola, Principles of Computer Organization and Assembly Language. Using the Java Virtual Machine (PDF) Paul Carter, PC Assembly language 2006 (PDF) Pavol Cerven, Crackproof Your Software (PDF) PC Intern, The Encyclopedia of System Programming.rar PC Underground, Assembly Language; The True Language of Programmers (PDF) Pete Cockerell, ARM Assembly Language Programming (PDF) Peter Calingaert, Assemblers, Compilers, and Program Translation (DJVU) Randal Hyde, The Art Of Assembly Language 2003 (CHM) Randal Hyde, Write Great Code Understanding the Machine Volume I (CHM) Randal Hyde, Write Greate Code Vol: 2. Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level. 2006 (PDF) Randall Hyde, The Art of Assembly Language 2nd (EPUB) Randall Hyde, The Art of Assembly Language 2nd (PDF) Ray Seyfarth, Introduction to 64 Bit Intel Assembly Language Programming for Linux-EXTRA.zip Ray Seyfarth, Introduction to 64 Bit Intel Assembly Language Programming for Linux (PDF) Richard Blum, Professional Assembly Language. Wrox 2005 (PDF) Richard C. Detmer, 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture (PDF) Richard C. Detmer, Introduction to 80X86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture 2001 (CHM) Richard P. Paul, Sparc Architecture, Assembly Lan (PDF) Robert Britton, Mips Assembly Language Programming 2003 Prentice-Hall (PDF) Sivarama P. Dandamudi, Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux (PDF) Sivarana D. Dandamundi, Introduction to Assembly Language Programming. For Pentium and RISC (PDF) THE 8088 and 8086 MICROPROCESSORS Triebel and Singh 4e Solution Manual (PDF) The Assembly Programming Master Book by Vlad Pirogov 2005 (CHM) Tom Shanley, x86 Instruction Set Architecture (PDF) Tom Swan, Mastering Turbo Assembler. 2nd (PDF) Vincent Mahout, Assembly Language Programming- ARM Cortex-M3 (PDF) Vlad Pirogov, Disassembling Code: IDA Pro and SoftICE (CHM) Wikibooks, X86 Disassembly (PDF)

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AMD's_Athlon_Assembler_Optimization_Guide.pdf 1.7 MB
Art_Of_Assembly_Language_Programming_In_Linux_x86.zip 7.3 MB
Art_of_Assembly_Language_Programming.pdf 4.3 MB
Assembler_Intel_Code_Table.pdf 152 kB
Assembly_Language_for_Intel-Based_Computers_-_Fourth_Edition.iso 16 MB
Barry_B._Brey_-_The_Intel_Microprocessors._8th_0135026458.pdf 8.8 MB
Barry_Kauler_-_Winsows_Assembly_Language_and_System_Programming_1997.pdf 11 MB
Bob_Neveln_-_Linux_Assembly_Language_Programming_2000.pdf 2.5 MB
Bryant,_O'Hallaron_-_Computer_Systems._A_Programmer's_Perspective.pdf 6.8 MB
Chris_Eagle_-_The_IDA_Pro_Book_2nd_Edition.epub 5.6 MB
Chris_Eagle_-_The_IDA_Pro_Book_2nd_Edition.pdf 9.3 MB
Comprehensive_PMode_Tutorials_with_C_&_ASM.zip 216 kB
Dan_Kaminsky_-_Reverse_Engineering_With_IDA_Pro.pdf 4.0 MB
Daniel_W._Lewis_-_Fundamental_of_embedded_software._Where_C_and_assembly_meets.djvu 2.9 MB
Dean_Elsner,_Jay_Fenlanson_-_Using_as_2.19.pdf 1.5 MB
Developing_Utilities_in_Assembly_Language.zip 475 kB
Harlan_Carvey_-_Reverse_Engineering_Code_with_IDA_Pro.pdf 4.0 MB
Intel_-_Assembler_-_Englisch_-_x86_Assembly_Instruction_Set_Reference.pdf 2.6 MB
James_Leterman_-_32-64-BIT_80_x_86_Assembly_Language_Architecture.chm 8.6 MB
James_T._Streib_-_Guide_to_Assembly_Language.pdf 1.7 MB
Jeff_Dunteman_-_Wiley_Assembly_Language_Step_by_Step_Programming_with_Linux_3rd_2009.pdf 5.8 MB
Jeff_Duntemann_-_Assembly_Language_Step-by-Step_Programming_with_DOS_and_Linux_2nd_ed_2000.chm 8.6 MB
Jeff_Duntemann_-_Assembly_Language_Step_by_Step_[Wiley].pdf 6.9 MB
John_R._Levine_-_Linkers_and_Loaders.pdf 21 MB
Jonathan_Bartlett_-_Programming_from_the_Ground_Up.pdf 1.3 MB
Kip_R._Irvine_-_Assembly_Language_for_Intel-Based_Computers._4th.pdf 25 MB
Kip_R._Irvine_-_Assembly_Language_for_X86_processors-15_BIOS_Level_Programming.pdf 1.1 MB
Kip_R._Irvine_-_Assembly_Language_for_X86_processors.pdf 1.8 MB
Knaggs,_Welsh_-_ARM:_Assembly_Language_Programming_2004.pdf 1.1 MB
Kris_Kaspersky_-_Hacker_Disassembling_Uncovered_(2003).chm 4.7 MB
M._Rafiquazzaman_-_Microprocessor_Theory_and_applications_with_68000,_68020_and_Pentium.pdf 24 MB
Michael_Abrash_-_The_zen_of_assembly_language.pdf 2.5 MB
PC_Intern_-_The_Encyclopedia_of_System_Programming.rar 68 MB
PC_Underground_-_Assembly_Language;_The_True_Language_of_Programmers.pdf 4.9 MB
Patrick_Juola_-_Principles_of_Computer_Organization_and_Assembly_Language._Using_the_Java_Virtual_Machine.pdf 2.6 MB
Paul_Carter_-_PC_Assembly_language_2006.pdf 1.0 MB
Pavol_Cerven_-_Crackproof_Your_Software.pdf 16 MB
Pete_Cockerell_-_ARM_Assembly_Language_Programming.pdf 1.5 MB
Peter_Calingaert_-_Assemblers,_Compilers,_and_Program_Translation.djvu 2.1 MB
Randal_Hyde_-_The_Art_Of_Assembly_Language_2003.chm 18 MB
Randal_Hyde_-_Write_Great_Code_Understanding_the_Machine_Volume_I.chm 8.2 MB
Randal_Hyde_-_Write_Greate_Code_Vol:_2._Thinking_Low-Level,_Writing_High-Level._2006.pdf 4.3 MB
Randall_Hyde_-_The_Art_of_Assembly_Language_2nd.epub 2.5 MB
Randall_Hyde_-_The_Art_of_Assembly_Language_2nd.pdf 22 MB
Ray_Seyfarth_-_Introduction_to_64_Bit_Intel_Assembly_Language_Programming_for_Linux-EXTRA.zip 2.2 MB
Ray_Seyfarth_-_Introduction_to_64_Bit_Intel_Assembly_Language_Programming_for_Linux.pdf 4.9 MB
Richard_Blum_-_Professional_Assembly_Language._Wrox_2005.pdf 6.6 MB
Richard_C._Detmer_-_80x86_Assembly_Language_and_Computer_Architecture.pdf 4.9 MB
Richard_C._Detmer_-_Introduction_to_80X86_Assembly_Language_and_Computer_Architecture_2001.chm 4.2 MB
Richard_P._Paul_-_Sparc_Architecture,_Assembly_Lan.pdf 12 MB
Robert_Britton_-_Mips_Assembly_Language_Programming_2003_Prentice-Hall.pdf 525 kB
Sivarama_P._Dandamudi_-_Guide_to_Assembly_Language_Programming_in_Linux.pdf 31 MB
Sivarana_D._Dandamundi_-_Introduction_to_Assembly_Language_Programming._For_Pentium_and_RISC.pdf 2.8 MB
THE_8088_and_8086_MICROPROCESSORS_Triebel_and_Singh_4e_Solution_Manual.pdf 1.2 MB
The_Assembly_Programming_Master_Book_by_Vlad_Pirogov_2005.chm 10 MB
Tom_Shanley_-_x86_Instruction_Set_Architecture.pdf 28 MB
Tom_Swan_-_Mastering_Turbo_Assembler._2nd.pdf 39 MB
Vincent_Mahout_-_Assembly_Language_Programming-_ARM_Cortex-M3.pdf 4.1 MB
Vlad_Pirogov_-_Disassembling_Code:_IDA_Pro_and_SoftICE.chm 2.4 MB
Wikibooks_-_X86_Disassembly.pdf 2.1 MB
nasm_man.chm 443 kB


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