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  • Arrowhead (Western) {Heston, Palance, Keith} [1953]
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Arrowhead (1953)

  • Action Western
  • Director Charles Marquis Warren's 1953 western stars Charlton Heston and Jack Palance.



    Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0045518

    Arrowhead (1953) - Torrent Downloads Download Arrowhead 1953 movie from torrent downloads selecting either torrent or magnet link and watch Arrowhead full movie on HD. Genre Drama, Romance, Western Imdb Rating 6.2/10 (957) Description Chief of Scouts Ed Bannon works for the US Army at Fort Clark, Texas and he dreams of aiding in bringing peace to the region, despite opposition from both the Army and the Apaches. Duration 105 minutes Secure Links Torrent Arrowhead with VPN Stream Arrowhead with VPN Quick Links Movie Info Torrent Downloads Keywords Related Alt Titles MPAA: Not available Cast: James Anderson, Milburn Stone, Peter Coe, Robert J. Wilke, Katy Jurado, Charlton Heston, Jack Palance, Lewis Martin, John Pickard, Brian Keith, Frank DeKova, Mary Sinclair, Pat Hogan, Richard Shannon Genre: Drama, Romance, Western Date Published: 1953-08-03 Directors: Charles Marquis Warren Language: English Country: USA Imdb Link: Arrowhead

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    Adobe Walls. Arrowhead, the mere mention of it in Western circles sometimes induces a sharp intake of breath, even a furrowed brow or two. Starring Charlton Heston and Jack Palance, directed by Charles Marquis Warren; who also adapts the screenplay from W.R. Burnett's novel, Adobe Walls, Arrowhead rewrites the Indian Wars and firmly paints the Apache as distrustful thugs. Based in essence on real life Indian scout, Al Seiber, with Heston in the role but named as Ed Bannon here, story is set in Texas 1878 at the Fort Clark cavalry post. Peace has been brokered and the good old cavalry boys have arranged for the Apache, led by a newly educated Toriano (Palance), to be dog tagged and whipped off to some arid land in Florida. However, the pesky Toriano has been plotting a revolution and is ready to lead his people in an all out assault on whitey and to hell with the treaty. Only white dude who smells a rat is Bannon, who with some Indian blood coursing through his veins, hates the Redskins and will never trust them. But the cavalry hate Bannon as well, because he is in the way, causing friction, a hindrance to their wonderful ideas for piece. No surprises for guessing what happens next! If Warren and the big wigs at Paramount Pictures were aware of the racist overtones here in 1953? Is cause for debate. I tend to agree with the theory that puts this as a sort of anti-communist allegory, but of course that doesn't excuse the xenophobic narrative whoever is on the receiving end! Yet surely the makers were genuine in trying to make a good old Cavalry versus Indians actioner? That the picture often meanders and is not carpeted with action, is a little moot, but it is well put together, well acted and looks nice with it's actual real Bracketville location filming (Ray Rennahan on cinematography). Paul Sawtell does one of his robust thematic musical scores, and fine acting support comes from Robert Wilkie and Brian Keith. It's a solid routine Oater, and can be enjoyed if you can forgive it its sins? Forgive them for they know not what they do...or something like that! 6/10



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