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  • Arrow S07E13 720p HDTV x264 [421MB] [MP4]
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  • Arrow S07E13 720p HDTV x264 421MB MP4
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Arrow: Star City Slayer(2019)

  • 7 13
  • Crime Drama Mystery Action & Adventure
  • Oliver and Felicity are disappointed after they learn that William is hiding something from them. Wanting to focus on his family, Oliver steps back from his Green Arrow duties and let’s the team take over tracking down a serial killer. However, when the team becomes targets for the killer, things take a bloody turn.



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    IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2193021/

    Resolution: 1280x720

    Format: .mp4

    Audio: AAC English

    First episode date: October 10, 2012

    No. of episodes: 150 (list of episodes)

    Production location: Vancouver

    Network: The CW Television Network

    When presumed-dead billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starling City after five years stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, he hides the changes the experience had on him, while secretly seeking reconciliation with his ex, Laurel. By day he picks up where he left off, playing the carefree philanderer he used to be, but at night he dons the alter ego of Arrow and works to right the wrongs of his family and restore the city to its former glory. Complicating his mission is Laurel's father, Detective Quentin Lance, who is determined to put the vigilante behind bars.

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    When it first hit the screen I loved this show. It's rather bare knuckle, vigilante grittiness really broke the candy covered shell, that encases so many comic book hero's. Sadly in spite of strong stories and mature characterizations for me this show slowly started a downward spiral, gradually exchanging its originality for mainstream complacency. What really ruined things, in my view, was the migration of the character from a kind of anti hero to a politician. As if this wasn't bad enough, a thread of brittle and downright tiresome, lecturing political correctness crept in too. The result was bland, predictable, opinionated and uninteresting. What a shame. 4/10 from me.



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