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Anomalisa (2015)

  • Animation Comedy Drama Romance
  • An inspirational speaker becomes reinvigorated after meeting a lively woman who shakes up his mundane existence.

  • $8,000,000
  • Description

    Michael Stone, an author that specializes in customer service, is a man who is unable to interact deeply with other people. His low sensitivity to excitement, and his lack of interest made him a man with a repetitive life on his own perspective. But, when he went on a business trip, he met a stranger - an extraordinary stranger, which slowly became a cure for his negative view on life that possibly will change his mundane life.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2401878/

    Anomalisa (2015) download

    Anomalisa (2015) download

    Anomalisa (2015) download

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    > Through the eyes of one who thinks everyone in the world is alike. The film was based on the stage play. Originally it was meant for a short movie, but during in the production it was extended to a feature film length and ended up knocking the Oscars door. A R-rated stop-motion animation, which is the first in the history of the Academy Awards to get a nomination. My last stop-motion was the last year's 'Shaun the Sheep Movie', so that makes this kind of filmmaking is going extinct. For that reason alone, I just don't want to miss it out, as well as I prepared to enjoy every bit of it and so I suggest others to do the same if they find it interesting. My expectation was quite simple which is entertainment. But usually animations are comedies, in that perspective, this is slightly a letdown. Wait, this film is for adults and of course the humours in this narration was delivered on its own style like a black comedy. It is a weird title right! But the film explains it in a simple manner. That's not it, there are more weird stuffs in it, like I was confused over the character voice tones for both the sexes and again the film had the reasons which will be revealed at a crucial segment. It was something like 'Lost in Translation', about a middle-aged man named Michael Stone, who is on a trip to Cincinnati to promote his latest book. Slowly it unfolds what kind of person he's really and going further, his struggle in the married life comes the prime focus. So this tour opens a new door for him once again to fall in love which leads him for a tough decision to make. But at a certain extent, the reality check comes into play. About everything he's doing and all the life he left behind makes him feel he's trapped in some kind of delusion. His ultimate decision is where this tale going to conclude. > "Sometimes there's no lesson. > That's a lesson in itself." The camera never takes off its lens in its throughout narration on the main character, Stone. Right from the beginning till the final scene, the film follows him like in a real time. So the entire film was like everything that happened in a 24 hour. That's the character development you would get. Besides, there are scenes, like the sex part that may stun you. Because it was not like I have ever seen one, not in animation. Even compared it to the Hentai, Hentai was 2 dimensional pictures whereas this is technically a 3 dimensional, so the effect was much more realistic and the impact on the viewers definitely will be strong. The real problem those who saw it to end up in a disappointment is that it's not your regular animation. Which is usually aimed for children and family audience, but adults too can have a great time, whereas this film had a very matured and sensitive contents. Maybe they did not want the display of the real life experience to be narrated with a bunch of toys. But in the perspective of stop-motion animation, it is a great artistic achievement. It is not only their anticipation that killed their joy, but failing to accept the fact that we see regularly in the live-shot films to see them again in a different format. What I liked the most in it was the message regarding the main character on his suffering. When he sits in front of the antique he bought for his son which makes him realise himself on what he's seeking in others around him. But what's his delusion is that he thinks the world is not balanced, everyone are alike. So what he actually needs is a redefined life, in which this film portrayed how close he came to one before everything shattered. This is not just a comedy, but a very real film for the people who wants to understand the life on its different stages and threat it poses where every one of us go through in our lifetime. Surely it is no masterpiece, but there's no reason to ignore on the subject it deals. It will remain one of the best stop-motion animation, exclusively made for adults. There are grown up who simply ignore animations, because they think it is too cartoonish. Undoubtedly it will be a good film them to try. 7/10

    Reviewing this film gives me great pleasure as I thought it was very well made. It is a beautiful film about the isolation and the disembodiment of modern society. 'Anomalisa' tells the story of a man called Michael Stone played by David Thewlis on a business trip and we realise how lonely he is.The film is made using start-stop animation puppetry which had been chosen for amazing effect. Each character has the same face (seemingly like masks) and everyone has the same monotonic voice apart from the two main characters. This makes the themes of identity and loneliness so very profound and imaginative. The repetitiveness of the main character's lifestyle comes to a halt when he overhears a guest in his hotel which is cleverly named The Fregoli which is the name of a mental condition to do with paranoia. This guest turns out to be voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh. She is the only other voice heard and Stone is enchanted by her and instantly asks for her to go back to his room. He makes her sing and listens to her intently. There is a very graphic sex scene which would be humourous in any other circumstance but it is very moving and beautiful. I won't talk any more about the story as it'll ruin it. 'Anomalisa' is a very clever film from the mind who brought us 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', 'Adaptation.' and 'Being John Malkovich' and it shows. Everything about it is expertly done. It is sad that this was only up for 'Best Animated Feature' alongside two dimensional children's cartoons at the Academy Awards and it wasn't recognised for being the great film that it is. ★★★★

    A reminder of what movies can do. That is, revitalize the soul. I usually watch movies in spurts. I won't see anything for 9-13 months, because things in my life are going for the most part smoothly, but then comes this inevitable (it would seem) slide back into not so much a depression as much a soul-level detachment from reality. Lethargy, I guess you'd call it. So I put together 40-50 new things to watch and marathon at the pace of 2 or 3 per day, until I'm finished. Every time I do this, one or two movies come along that splash water on my face and bring me back to life. The rare breed of original, endearing, honest, careful and considered filmic experiences like 2001, or Ikiru, Hannah and Her Sisters, City Lights, or Anomalisa, are, for me, the antidote to a dying spirit. This one got me shook


    3 years ago

    Michael is a customer service guru on jaunt in a nondescript hotel. He is jaded and misanthropic, everyone around him seems to get on his nerves. And these is a sameness about them... The ennui is wonderfully conveyed, and the process of using puppets in stop-motion adds to the sense of non-belonging and dislocation. Michael's dark soul is complemented by Lisa and her zest for life. The burgeoning relationship is both awkward and sweet, but, we sense, ultimately doomed. The sense of a man in middle-age crisis, of people living compartmentalised lives, is fully conveyed. There is some nice humour and pathos. But ultimately nothing much changes for Michael or Lisa, and any greater insight to life's many questions is not forthcoming. Take away the puppets and the process, and you are left with a film that says not very much at all.

    3 years ago

    I knew very little about this film: Charlie Kaufman, animated...that was about it. Interestingly enough, it was one of the more human films that I've seen lately. Even though the characters were created from 3D printers. I could not look away, and I found each little moment to be intriguing and poignant. It was not a perfect piece - more play than movie, a bit light on plot - bit it was worth seeing (and revisiting), for sure.

    3 years ago

    Anomalisa (2015) I was drawn to this because of the great writer, Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine, Being John Malkovich). Here was a story about an ordinary man who goes to Ohio (an ordinary place) on travel and things go very slightly strange. The fact this is an animated film took me by surprise. And I stayed with it, wondering over and over how it helped to have it animated. Here is a story about a subtle psychological crisis, and the real reactions and facial expressions of the main character (and others) seemed to me to be totally important. And here they were dumbed down to archetypes and simplifications. Oh, I know, the animators tried for subtlety but I'm not going to praise a film for being "really close" to the actual thing. Not with the actual thing would be better. However, there are elements to the film that eventually seem to require animation (though even this isn't convincing, I'll say right away). For one thing, nearly everyone's voice is the same kind of ordinary man's voice, even women. That might have been handled with dubbing. Then there are some cracks in the facade of realism that rely on animation, like people's faces have seams (or in one case coming apart). I think there might be ways to do this otherwise, but it's fine animated, too. But wait-what about this writing that I was so drawn to? Well, it's good. It's like seeing a lesser David Mamet play, knowing it's good but knowing there are some really amazing examples elsewhere. So I watched and listened and the crisis, which is of the most ordinary kind, unfolds and turns out to be something unfinished and unsatisfying. So, lots of hesitations here. A film with great potential. And maybe people who prefer (!) the nature of detached observation that the animation forces on is, and the style of it all, might get deeper in than I could.

    2 years ago

    A:7 V:7 Movie: 7

    3 years ago

    Every time I see a Charlie Kaufman film I'm reminded how fearless he is at examining the human condition and why I need to put a lot of time in between watching his movies.In "Anomalisa," his Academy-Award nominated animated film, David Thewlis and especially Jennifer Jason Leigh do tremendous voice work as an emotionally ill minor celebrity and the shy, awkward woman with whom he enjoys a one-night stand while at a conference at which he is the speaker. The film is an examination of middle-aged male discontent and loneliness, a subject a younger version of me was always impatient with and which the 41-year-old version of me now finds hits uncomfortably close to home. Kaufman creates a sad character who has many unpleasant tendencies but isn't necessarily a completely unpleasant man, and allows us to see how this one night in the man's life and his approach to human relationships is a stand-in for his entire adult life and the driving force behind his depression.As in his masterpiece, "Synecdoche, New York," Kaufman refuses to give in to the convention of happy, or at least hopeful, endings, and suggests that it is possible to live an entire life being utterly miserable if you don't possess the resources to do otherwise, a terrifying idea to anyone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, or even just prolonged bouts of general malaise. In so many Hollywood movies about unhappy people, the unhappy people just need the emotional connection to that one special person that shakes them out of their funk and changes everything around for them. One of the things I liked best about "Anomalisa" is its suggestion that, while those special people really do exist, happiness in any one person is something that has to come from inside and isn't going to be imposed on one by another. It isn't comfortable to think about the possibility of life being a long series of missed opportunities, but it feels honest.Grade: A-


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