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Alpha Dog (2006)

  • Crime Drama
  • Johnny Truelove likes to see himself as tough. He's the son of an underworld figure and a drug dealer. Johnny also likes to get tough when things don't go his way. When Jake Mazursky fails to pay up for Johnny, things get worse for the Mazursky family, as Johnny and his 'gang' kidnap Jake's 15 year old brother and holds him hostage. Problem now is what to do with 'stolen boy?'



    1999, Claremont, California. Middle-class kids, in their 20s, talk trash, wave guns, hang out in a pack. Johnny Truelove, drug dealer and son of a underworld figure, threatens Jake Mazursky, an explosive head case who owes Johnny money; Jake responds by breaking into Johnny's house. On impulse, Johnny and a couple pals kidnap Jake's 15-year-old brother, Zach. Zach's okay with it, figuring his brother will pay the debt soon. Johnny assigns his buddy Frankie to be Zach's minder, and they develop a brotherly friendship. Zach parties with his captors as things begin to spin out of control. Group think, amorality, and fear of prison assert a hold on the pack. Is Zach in danger?

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0426883/

    Alpha Dog (2006) download

    Alpha Dog (2006) download

    Alpha Dog (2006) download

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    OK Timberlake fans and haters alike, Calm Down! Largely regarded as "you know, that movie with Timberlake in it." Alpha Dog was enjoyable. And Timberlake did a great job. He is definitely all grown up now. A strong supporting cast of Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis sure didn't hurt. I loved how the cast worked so good together. They were very believable. The movie did a great job of showing us just how crazy and out of control a simple misunderstanding can get. Hopeful Hollywood does force Ben Foster down our throat! Small doses please! NOTE: Alpha Dog has a lot of language in it.

    Going into this film, I had no idea what it was about, only that it was based on a true story. And the more I think about this fact, the truth behind it all, the more it saddens me. The story that unfolded before my eyes last night is not one I'm likely to forget anytime soon. The characters, as I understand, are eerily like the real life people depicted, and all of the actors have done a great job terrifying me, surprising me, and making me feel sadder than any other film I can remember in recent history. Which is by no means meant to discourage you from watching this film, as I believe it is an absolute must-see for anyone who cares about the society we live in. Jake Mazursky, an explosively charged skinhead, owes a large sum of drug money to a young thug called Johnny Truelove. After they get into a fight, Jake retaliates by trashing Johnny's house. Johnny then takes revenge by kidnapping Jake's 15-year-old brother Zack. Surprisingly though, Zack is OK with this, as he trusts his brother to come up with the ransom. In the meantime, Zack forms an unlikely friendship with one of Johnny's cronies, Frankie. But then, as fear starts to spread of having to do hard time, Johnny and his allies make a decision that spins the situation horribly out of control... The character of Jake is played by Ben Foster, and I think he did an amazing job. Some people have suggested that he overacted his part, but I disagree. I think he was very convincing as a strung-out, aggressive, creep of a skinhead. Johnny Truelove, the young gangster, is played by Emile Hirsch, and his role is light years removed from anything he's done so far, and he's as equally impressive and convincing as Ben Foster - just as menacing and intimidating. Actually, he appears almost as though it's not a part he's playing, he's really some thug they plucked off the streets and put in front of a camera. Very impressive. This character in real life is known as Jesse James Hollywood, and he is the youngest person ever to be on the FBI's 'most wanted' list. Zack is played by Anton Yelchin, and he's is everything his character requires him to be; young, naive, even a little endearing, and most of all desperate for a little excitement in his life. The role of Frankie is performed by Justin Timberlake, and I must admit, he was better than I would have initially given him credit for. Actually, there wasn't a single actor or actress who was miscast in my opinion. All roles, big and small, were equally well played. I must not forget to mention the parents: Johnny's father is played by Bruce Willis, and even though his part is small, is it crucial. Sharon Stone plays Zack's mother, in a role that is gut wrenchingly emotional and very well played. Although there is one scene at the end where she wears a fat suit, and it's so obvious that it's distracting, and this is a discredit to an otherwise excellent and very important scene (but that's not her fault, of course). What makes Alpha Dog so important, I think, is that's it's a testament of the times we live in. A time where, apparently nobody seems to be shocked anymore about the fact that young people in their teens and twenties lead a lifestyle of drugs and guns and no respect whatsoever for other people's lives and wellbeing. The ease with which some ideas and actions are executed, exemplifies and also amplifies the anarchy and devil-may-care attitude that lives within the hearts and minds of these people. Who cares if you beat a person to within an inch of his life. Who cares if you hurt, damage or even kill another human being, just so long as you can save your own neck. It's dog eat dog in the hierarchical food chain that is life, and this film is a disturbing reminder of that. I thought we'd moved on since the Dark Ages, but apparently I'm mistaken. Aside from the heavy, moral message of this film (which, for once didn't tick me off, but really engaged me), I must also praise it on a technical level. It really is very well made, and it draws you in from the very first second with the beautifully edited opening scene. Director Nick Cassavetes ('John Q') has constructed the story into a balanced, properly paced whole, seemingly letting his actors run free and do what they do best, creating a spontaneous, natural feel and environment. The music is excellent and well dosed. Alpha Dog is a film that you must see at least once if you care about this world and the people in it. It is a portrait of frighteningly laconic individuals and the shockingly low bar to unnecessary violence, and it shows just how easy it is for young people to get involved with all the wrong influences, simply because they have not yet lived enough to know any better, or lack the proper role models to show them alternative ways. I cannot recommend this film enough. It's heavy - but very, very much worth it. _(October 2012)_

    You ever have that dream: the one where you did something... You don't know why, but you can never go back? Alpha Dog is a filmic interpretation of the real life Jesse James Hollywood/Nicholas Markowitz case of 2000. We are in the company of young dope dealers, a group of wannabe gangsters who ultimately are way out of their depth, whose decisions are so moronically misguided they form the basis for what is the tragedy of this story. Directed by Nick Cassavetes, the pic has serious intentions but never quite gets to reach the greatest heights for dramatic verve purpose. Yet for all that, after being in the company of genuine lost boys and girls, watching them as 24 hour party people bluster for majority of the piece, it means that once the tragedy strikes the film has done its job. It becomes something to last in the memory, where Cassavetes' flashy techniques (split-screens - freeze frames etc) don't detract from the harsh reality of it all. There's a bunch of committed exuberant performances on show, with a roll call of then up and coming young actors to note. 7/10


    4 years ago

    Described as a docudrama, it's really a feature film that follows the time line of events pretty closely but perforce must introduce fictionalized dialog. That's okay. Nobody was taking notes and the dialog is convincing enough. The armature of the story is that some guy owes some other guy thirty large but he won't pay up, so the creditors kidnap the debtor's younger brother, take good care of him for a few days, and then, despite his swearing not to tell anyone about his so-called kidnapping, they shoot him full of holes in the desert in the mistaken belief that the fifteen-year-old hostage would squeal anyway and all the gang would get life imprisonment. It reminded me of "Kids" except that this was far more violent.It serves as an introduction to the anomic life of teen agers in the prettiest parts of Southern California -- Pomona, Montclair, Palm Springs. Their families are middle class but the kids themselves transcend social class. They form a logical set of their own. None seems to have a job. One muses about "taking a course" but it's clear that they have little interest in anything except the goings on of their own clique. They might find a graphic novel too challenging. Some of them wouldn't be able to find their home town on a map. They lack curiosity.What interests them the most is dope and money. Sex is readily available, with the beautiful girls (all with the same hair style) as eager as the boys, sometimes more eager. One girl applies all sorts of ministrations to her boy friend but he can't get it up. (And the girl is the unimpeachably beautiful Olivia Wilde.) The truly amazing thing is that ANY of the boys can get it up. They suck on bongs, smoke weed constantly, and drink hard liquor straight out of the bottle. No wonder some of them have a problem.It struck me that the parties ranged from ecstatic displays to bloody rage, with very little in between, a kind of binary party. But it's a little hard to reconcile this with the effects of marijuana or opiates with violence. Nevertheless, the violence is there and Ben Foster as one of the over-tattooed skin heads gets the palm for particularly intense role enactment. The guy is a human wrecking ball, trashing houses, decking three or four adversaries, and wearing white after Labor Day. Only one of these aimless guys shows any common sense but he's swept up in the plot anyway. They're all on the same hedonic treadmill.I wish that at least one of them would open a book or be seen watching something other than bad Westerns and cartoons. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is a whole generation.

    4 years ago

    This is a crime/drug movie. It has an outstanding cast (Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Emile Hirsch, Sharon Stone, the late Anton Yelchin, etc.), but it wasn't quite an outstanding movie. It experiments with techniques like split screen, documentary style, and other styles, but doesn't stick with them long enough, and those work to a certain degree. The movie was a bit unpleasant and featured a gratuitous amount of violence and language (as can be expected for a movie like this), and a story was somewhat present if a little difficult to follow. My favorite scene was the Marco Polo scene in the pool. The cast did try hard and work fairly well together, but the end result wasn't really a classic.** out of ****

    4 years ago

    Alpha Dog (2006): Dir: Nick Cassevettes / Cast: Emile Hirsch, Shawn Hatosy, Justin Timberlake, Ben Foster, Anton Yelchin: Very depressing story of a drug deal gone wrong and the consequences upon the innocent. A kidnap victim sees his circumstance as a vacation due to the nature of his captures. Although well paced the solution may not be the most satisfactory. Director Nick Cassevettes shoots this like a live documentary, which may be the point since this is based on true events. Cassevettes previously made The Notebook as well as a despicable piece of junk called She's So Lovely. Emile Hirsch plays the drug leader responsible for the kidnapping due to a confrontation with someone else. His actions will have him on the run with possible death penalty consequences. Shawn Hatosy plays a gay player too willing to do Hirsch's bidding, and to aid a debt he agrees to perform a murder. Ben Foster plays victim's hot headed brother who threatens to kill the drug leader but all ends on a loss. Justin Timberlake is the surprise casting as one of the kidnappers whom forms a bond with the victim yet consequently must perform an unwilling task. Anton Yelchin plays the victim drawn in through deceit and sex that ultimately leads to depressing events. Very well made film but portraying kidnapping as fun and games may strike a bad cord that turns ugly fast. Score: 7 / 10


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