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A Quiet Place (2018)

  • Drama Horror Thriller Science Fiction
  • A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

  • $17,000,000
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    ACTORS:........ Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Cade Woodward, Leon Russom, Doris McCarthy, Rhoda Pell,

    RELEASED:........ 6 April 2018

    IMDB:........ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6644200/

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    DURATION:............ 01:30:14,

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    This review contains **spoilers**. So let’s First get this out of The way I’ve never been more frustrated, by people eating popcorn, fidgeting, & Coming in late. Anyways form the very start I had so many questions, how’d they get here? Where’d the Monster come from? Etc. And by the end I have no answers and even more questions. Are they gonna survive and kill all the Monsters? Is everyone else dead? Why’d they think to have a baby? But that doesn’t matter. We’re just tossed into this situation with no explanation to almost anything. The only things we really know is of course making lond sounds means you’re likely gonna die. And High Pitch Sounds Hurts the Monster. Wish is a smart Choice and come to think of it is kinda obvious, maybe a little too obvious. Like how’d they never think about that? Either way. A quick note for surviving other then the soundproofing here and there. Why not have a sound bomb of sorts, you could just throw? That would have toldy saved the Dad from having to sacrifice him self. That isn’t to say they’re stupid they had many Smart decisions such a The sand paths, the box for the baby (wish was kinda sad), the little sound proof room, the Radio, and the fireworks. And that’s just the sound related stuff the Lights and Fires Where also Smart. Otherwise the cast give us some incredible performances and lots of good chemistry. It probably helps that John and Emily are a real couple. Speaking of wich John Krasinski has Written and Directed a very clever and suspenseful horror film. I’ve never been more scared of corn in my life. Also had jumped at water. And the sound department specifically the Foley Artist have never shined greater in any film I have ever seen before. The sound is a way flipped from most horror films as it’s when the music drops and everything goes quiet that the Monster attacks. But not in this case everytime the Monster comes it’s a big moment. Although I have nothing against a R rating. In fact I’m somethimes more likely to see a film because of a R rating, it shows they have gus and they are willing to take a risk. F*ck you MPAA!!! Anyways some times all kinds of unnecessary crap is put in a Film because they like oh yeah we’re rated R. Although that’s not always needed this Film proves a well done PG-13 can still be dark and brutal. Killing a Child with in the first 10ish minuets, is a little dark. Although come on that kid had it Coming as soon as he grab those batteries. there’s almost a bit of blood maybe the MPAA is pulling back on some things. Probably not those F*ck you MPAA!!! Ok sorry my review is getting to become rated R. 😆 Also I wanted to note for whatever reason I enjoy films where I can count the entire cast. Along side Get Out it seems people form comedy make better Horror film Directors then most Horror film Directors. It definitely makes sense though it’s all about that timing. In Short It was a gripping film from start to finish. I’d highly recommend to all Horror and Thriller Fans. Although because of spoilers in this review you probably already saw it. So leave a comment and let’s discuss. No likes

    **_No important spoilers here_** In a **dystopic future**, the humanity has been severely smitten by strange blind creatures that feast on living flesh, both human and animal. In spite of being blind, the creatures have a super hearing and can identify sounds from far away. The creatures are nearly indestructible and very effective killers, and once they hear you, you are most likely dead. The movie follows a surviving family trying to keep alive in this harsh reality. The movie setup is incredibly well-built to transpire the precaution, the constant fear, and the direful consequences of an unthought action in this terrible future. **The sound effects are awesome**, and the director can successfully use the nearly-constant silence in contrast to the hassle of being followed by those creatures. The **acting is solid** and helps to immerse the watcher in the well-built plot. My only regret for this movie is that it ends during a climax, when we are not ready to stop watching it yet. **It could be 30 minutes longer** to explain some missing points and to show what happens after the ending. Overall, **an awesome movie**, well-thought and beautifully produced in every aspect.

    Every time a horror movie does something that I've never seen before, that gets me very excited. _A Quiet Place_ is such a movie. I do believe that maybe _A Quiet Place_ doesn't **quite** deserve the praise that it has received. Not that it isn't a good movie, just that said acclaims have been **so** high, to the point that I think maybe just the fact that it's original isn't enough to earn those laurels. I still am a fan of the movie, hardline, absolutely, just maybe a little underwhelmed given the reviews. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

    This is far and away one of the best movies I have ever watched, and I've watched a lot of movies! The story is original, no small feat these days, and the acting is just outstanding! John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, along with the children, bring these characters to life, and make us really care, all without the benefit of well written dialogue. That's not easy to do, but they do it. Right from the start, you find yourself drawn into the lives of these people, and can feel the tension, the undercurrent of threat, that they live with every day. Through all they face, we are also given a picture of a solid family, with a dad and mom doing everything possible to care for their children, the family praying together, holding onto faith even under the most difficult of circumstances, and that family dynamic really strengthens the entire story. Who do you rely on when all is changed? When everything goes wrong? Family. Along with the acting, the direction, sets, just everything, come together to deliver a truly scary movie, that doesn't rely on flash to terrify you. Highly recommend this one. We saw it in the theater, and bought it as soon as it hit the stores. Top notch work.

    This film is terrible. How this pathetic excuse for entertainment has any rating is a mystery. It's an insult to art of film making and to the people who love cinema. Nobody in their right mind would suggest watching this hole ridden, ham acted, utter nonsense themed non-story movie to anybody. Save yourself the hassle, trust me, it's bad.

    _**Decent horror flick, but the family members make too many exasperating blunders**_ A family tries to survive on their farm in rural New York while blind indestructible creatures prowl the landscape. The creatures find prey based on sound so they have to be careful to be quiet at all times. Emily Blunt plays the pregnant mother and John Krasinski her husband (Krasinski also directs). “A Quiet Place” (2018) is a well-made horror flick that brings to mind “Signs” (2002) with ferocious creatures that mix the xenomorphs of “Alien/Aliens” with the extraterrestrials of “War of the Worlds” (2005). They’re basically a knock-off of the monster in “Cloverfield” (2008), albeit the smaller size of the creatures in those previous flicks. While this movie gets a lot of praise in some circles, the constant mistakes of the family members gets frustrating and tiresome. I love the tone, however, as well as Emily Blunt and the sumptuous Hudson River-area locations. The film runs 1 hour, 30 minutes, and was shot in the state of New York, about 50-65 miles north of the Big Apple (Beacon, Pawling & New Paltz), except for Little Falls, which is another 110 miles northwest. GRADE: C+/B-



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