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A Quiet Place (2018)

  • Drama Horror Thriller Science Fiction
  • A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

  • $17,000,000
  • Description

    Two parents do what it takes to keep their children safe in a world full of creatures hunting every sound they can hear. Not a sound can be heard from the family hiding in silence, but all it takes is one noise and everything can go wrong.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6644200/

    A Quiet Place (2018) download

    A Quiet Place (2018) download

    A Quiet Place (2018) download

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    This review contains **spoilers**. So let’s First get this out of The way I’ve never been more frustrated, by people eating popcorn, fidgeting, & Coming in late. Anyways form the very start I had so many questions, how’d they get here? Where’d the Monster come from? Etc. And by the end I have no answers and even more questions. Are they gonna survive and kill all the Monsters? Is everyone else dead? Why’d they think to have a baby? But that doesn’t matter. We’re just tossed into this situation with no explanation to almost anything. The only things we really know is of course making lond sounds means you’re likely gonna die. And High Pitch Sounds Hurts the Monster. Wish is a smart Choice and come to think of it is kinda obvious, maybe a little too obvious. Like how’d they never think about that? Either way. A quick note for surviving other then the soundproofing here and there. Why not have a sound bomb of sorts, you could just throw? That would have toldy saved the Dad from having to sacrifice him self. That isn’t to say they’re stupid they had many Smart decisions such a The sand paths, the box for the baby (wish was kinda sad), the little sound proof room, the Radio, and the fireworks. And that’s just the sound related stuff the Lights and Fires Where also Smart. Otherwise the cast give us some incredible performances and lots of good chemistry. It probably helps that John and Emily are a real couple. Speaking of wich John Krasinski has Written and Directed a very clever and suspenseful horror film. I’ve never been more scared of corn in my life. Also had jumped at water. And the sound department specifically the Foley Artist have never shined greater in any film I have ever seen before. The sound is a way flipped from most horror films as it’s when the music drops and everything goes quiet that the Monster attacks. But not in this case everytime the Monster comes it’s a big moment. Although I have nothing against a R rating. In fact I’m somethimes more likely to see a film because of a R rating, it shows they have gus and they are willing to take a risk. F*ck you MPAA!!! Anyways some times all kinds of unnecessary crap is put in a Film because they like oh yeah we’re rated R. Although that’s not always needed this Film proves a well done PG-13 can still be dark and brutal. Killing a Child with in the first 10ish minuets, is a little dark. Although come on that kid had it Coming as soon as he grab those batteries. there’s almost a bit of blood maybe the MPAA is pulling back on some things. Probably not those F*ck you MPAA!!! Ok sorry my review is getting to become rated R. 😆 Also I wanted to note for whatever reason I enjoy films where I can count the entire cast. Along side Get Out it seems people form comedy make better Horror film Directors then most Horror film Directors. It definitely makes sense though it’s all about that timing. In Short It was a gripping film from start to finish. I’d highly recommend to all Horror and Thriller Fans. Although because of spoilers in this review you probably already saw it. So leave a comment and let’s discuss. No likes

    **_No important spoilers here_** In a **dystopic future**, the humanity has been severely smitten by strange blind creatures that feast on living flesh, both human and animal. In spite of being blind, the creatures have a super hearing and can identify sounds from far away. The creatures are nearly indestructible and very effective killers, and once they hear you, you are most likely dead. The movie follows a surviving family trying to keep alive in this harsh reality. The movie setup is incredibly well-built to transpire the precaution, the constant fear, and the direful consequences of an unthought action in this terrible future. **The sound effects are awesome**, and the director can successfully use the nearly-constant silence in contrast to the hassle of being followed by those creatures. The **acting is solid** and helps to immerse the watcher in the well-built plot. My only regret for this movie is that it ends during a climax, when we are not ready to stop watching it yet. **It could be 30 minutes longer** to explain some missing points and to show what happens after the ending. Overall, **an awesome movie**, well-thought and beautifully produced in every aspect.

    Every time a horror movie does something that I've never seen before, that gets me very excited. _A Quiet Place_ is such a movie. I do believe that maybe _A Quiet Place_ doesn't **quite** deserve the praise that it has received. Not that it isn't a good movie, just that said acclaims have been **so** high, to the point that I think maybe just the fact that it's original isn't enough to earn those laurels. I still am a fan of the movie, hardline, absolutely, just maybe a little underwhelmed given the reviews. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

    This is far and away one of the best movies I have ever watched, and I've watched a lot of movies! The story is original, no small feat these days, and the acting is just outstanding! John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, along with the children, bring these characters to life, and make us really care, all without the benefit of well written dialogue. That's not easy to do, but they do it. Right from the start, you find yourself drawn into the lives of these people, and can feel the tension, the undercurrent of threat, that they live with every day. Through all they face, we are also given a picture of a solid family, with a dad and mom doing everything possible to care for their children, the family praying together, holding onto faith even under the most difficult of circumstances, and that family dynamic really strengthens the entire story. Who do you rely on when all is changed? When everything goes wrong? Family. Along with the acting, the direction, sets, just everything, come together to deliver a truly scary movie, that doesn't rely on flash to terrify you. Highly recommend this one. We saw it in the theater, and bought it as soon as it hit the stores. Top notch work.


    1 year ago

    Anyone who lives in the world and follows movies has a pretty good idea of the main concept behind a quiet place: there are beings that will kill you if you make a noise. The film does very little to try to explain where these beings come from, all we know is how long they've been there for and that they have change the face of the planet in a pretty radical way.We follow the Abbot family, who lives in a remote country house with an elaborate system to keep each other safe, but the main thing is that they have become very skilled at being very quiet.The incredible result of that premise is that the film has very little dialogue and instead, makes great use of visuals and sound. And there are truly stunning set pieces in this film, and without spoiling anything, Emily Blunt gives a stellar performance, as usual. Frustratingly, because the film chooses to concentrate on the action and the premise, it failed to give real substance to its characters and their relationships. A very artificial conflict is created between the dad and his daughter, and it truly feels like it was added into a later version of the script to give some sort of emotional arc to the characters, but the result is clumsy at best, a bit ridiculous at worst.Additionally, the film fails to create very clear rules on what the creatures can and cannot hear, how they function, how they are able to detect obstacles in their path, how many there are, or how fast they move, are all animals dead, and the list probably goes on. The result is that whatever is established at one point inevitably changes later on to fit the dramatic needs of the story, but it undermines our ability to suspend disbelief. Repeatedly, it feels like the film is doing its best to thrill, even if that means going against the film's internal logic. On a similar note, around the middle of the film John Krasinski takes his son hunting. At some point, they stop by a waterfall, next to which Krasinski starts yelling, casually explaining to his son that as long as there is a louder sound next to them, they are absolutely safe. I was thinking the same thing during the first half of the film, namely - if these creatures follow sounds, then, wouldn't it be simple to constantly distract them with sounds everywhere? We certainly have the technology to do that. Also, shouldn't there be sound proof shelters? Couldn't all humanity focus on sound proofing all of their homes??But even if we accept for one second that these solutions are impossible, then, why not move next to a waterfall or any other natural place that is always very loud?? Plus, it doesn't look like they are able to shower at all, a waterfall would make a lot of sense hygiene wise.I understand that this is a movie and sometimes internal logic needs to be sacrificed, but this became a tough sell after that moment and it felt like the film did very little to address that glaring problem.

    1 year ago

    This is a good movie if one is willing to overlook the hundreds, literally hundreds, of logical fallacies in this movie. Other reviews give a good overview of the plot, I'm not looking to do that here. I just want to point out some plot inconsistencies and/or the lack of critical thinking that the characters demonstrate. I will list a few of my observations below. 1. They go to a waterfall where they can scream as loud as they want and the monsters can't hear them. Why not live there? They could fish and collect drinking water near the river. The monsters would probably stay away from the area since the sound of the falls would impede their hunting ability. 2. When taking a walk, does anyone seriously let the youngest child of the group walk behind them. Why on earth would they let a young boy walk a hundred yards behind the adults in such a dangerous situation. They can't even correct the boy if he makes any mistakes, and indeed this results in his death. 3. How on earth did they get the corn planted? By hand? After 400+ days you wouldn't see corn in nice little neat rows like it was planted by farm equipment. 4. Since the monsters can't hear you if there is a loud sound nearby, why not bring out one of the downstairs speakers and blast something 24/7 on one of the nearby trees or on top of the house? The monsters would get used to the sound and leave the area alone, leaving the family to talk in peace. 5. What human with a brain wouldn't consider making a soundproof room. They could go to the city, get a bunch of foam, blankets, pillows, whatever, and plaster it around one of the larger rooms until they created an effective sound barrier. In the movie, a single mattress pulled over a walkway is an effective sound shield. Imagine how effective they could be if they put some ACTUAL effort into soundproofing the room. 6. Apparently the monsters can be killed by shotguns? The entire military was wiped out, with all the weaponry of the finest military in the world rendered useless against the monsters, but Emily Blunt shoots one in the head and kills it? Right. 7. The mother, Emily Blunt, is pregnant. Why would you bring a newborn child into this world, when the child will surely jeopardize the safety of the entire family. You know that babies cry right? Pull out or use a condom. 8. If the monsters can hear the faintest sound from far way, why do they have trouble hearing sounds that even humans can decipher at close range. A baby crying, a mother's heavy breathing, a persons heartbeat. All of these things would be loud to a creature that hear can hear footstep from a half mile away. 9. The mother's water breaks and she starts having the baby. She tries to contain her gasps and walks downstairs only to step on a nail on the stairway. She lets out a sound and falls, causing the monsters to hunt her down and nearly kill her and the newborn child. However, just in time, she is saved by fireworks designed to distract the monsters. Instead of removing the nail like any sane person, they just ignore it and leave it sticking up on the stairs for someone else to step on. Dumb. This movie isn't terrible, with great acting and a pretty unique backstory. But the glaring logical fallacies and the idiocracy of the characters made the movie completely unwatchable for me. The monsters don't really seem that formidable after further inspection, and if the family followed any of the tips I mention, they could live with little difficulty.

    1 year ago

    First, I enjoyed some parts of this film. The suspense was on point. Acting was good. It wasn't totally unwatchable but for me, it fell short of what it could have been. I'm just going to list why I disappointed and confused. Spoilers below: are they really aliens? How did they get here? They look and act like violent creatures with only one purpose to kill everything that makes noise, how would that attitude and intellect allow for interstellar travel? how does a shot gun to the head kill it if it's indestructible, come on now we have weapons on earth that would crush these things in seconds. of course ultrasonic sound is gonna freak it out if small sound attracts it, it really takes over a year to figure that out? where's the beginning ? And ending? It Just dumps us in the middle. why would you have a baby in this post apocalyptic world? And what do you do when the kid starts screaming? A box? they could have lived by the waterfall if they could scream by it. lastly everything on this planet makes noise, trees falling in the woods, rain on the ground, the damn wind. But these things can hear a picture drop on the floor and immediately show up to kill you? Ridiculous. Would have been a great movie with more thought behind it. But I did feel robbed leaving the theater.

    1 year ago

    "A Quiet Place" directed by John Krasinski is a genuine and tensed horror/thriller. It has a unique premise and backstory. The setup for the story has been done well. The performances by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, along with the child actors is awesome. The direction of Krasinski is "awesomer". The tension and the thrills were genuinely great. That's something I have not seen in a horror/thriller for a long time. Speaking of horror, what we take as "scary" is totally subjective. If you're watching this to get some jumpscares or to see a ghost, this ain't your movie. There are many moments that give us the feeling of getting into the jaws of death, unexpectedly. Those were some real thrills. And, the characters know what's gonna kill them and why. So, whenever such things take place, the tension is amplified (no pun intended) and whether or not they are gonna succeed at the particular moment keeps you terrified. For me, anything that keeps you terrified is real horror than some ghosts and jumpscares, so I got my "horror" part in this movie, after a long time. It's not that it doesn't have any false scares, just one or two though. Whenever something goes wrong, you can feel the s**t happening. That's some incredible directing. It's just an awesome thrill ride until we reach the third act, where things just turn into the same old "daddy loves you" things and the final moments were a bit less satisfying for a thrill ride we witnessed for the majority of the movie. There are some notable plot holes regarding a "better" place they should've lived on, some sounds making no significance in the context of the movie's own rules, the way a lot of food, medicines don't get used up after such a long time, the crops being harvested (without any noise?) etc. The movie also shows certain stuff as if it was trying to say "see this is a plot device, see see SEE!" and it actually is so. One plotline with Emily Blunt and her "youngest child" was something that made no sense to be honest as per the movie's own rules and was obvious to play out in the later part of the movie. The way it was playing out was damn good, but we knew that something was up regarding this. That's all I can say and have to say about this movie, without spoiling anything. If you watch the movie, you'll know what I am pointing at. On the whole, I cannot overlook the flaws but man, I had a great time watching the movie. It's flawed but intriguing. It's probably the first Krasinski movie I liked so much. I have seen one or two other movies he made, some years ago. They were forgettable to say the least. This was, at least, unforgettable and nice. It gets an "A-" and an "8.3/10".

    1 year ago

    This film is a classic case of "we just have to make a film about that premise", however what the people involved didn't do well is figure out how to cover all the plot holes the premise was always going to introduce.The introduction is moving and sets up the premise well, however I started to realise the lack of care that would be taken later in the film when I realised that I was being asked to believe that a four-year-old (left to walk by himself at the rear of a family in a dangerous situation) could get two batteries inserted in a toy. Even if the kid could do it, the chances would be only one in four of getting the batteries oriented correctly. Why didn't the creature come back to hunt the father based on the sound of his running footsteps?So it's possible to kill the creatures with a gun? Okay, then ... with gun ownership in the US being about one per capita, surely the creatures would have been wiped out long ago by having provided the population with the target practice they must secretly crave?So a family with kids survived whatever (unexplained) apocalypse occurred prior to the film's beginning, but the army didn't?So the creatures have no vision and super-sensitive hearing? What about a sense of smell?So no one talks in their sleep or snores (or has farts)? Do toilets flush?So the creatures can rip though a metal grain silo, but not instantly get into a truck to get at the two kids inside? And out of interest, how do you harvest a field of corn without making a sound? How do you remove the kernels of corn from the cobs and get them into the silo?So they have to play Monopoly with crocheted pieces (to avoid noise), but the sound of a truck rolling down a hillside is okay?I think that would be shortest labour in history. I'm pretty sure the timeline in the movie is continuous enough to prove that she only had three or four contractions. None of that annoying 30-hour stuff for her!Would the hearing aid really have broadcast with enough power in the right frequencies to affect the creatures that much? Would those frequencies have been reproduced by the microphone system? Who knows? Perhaps. To be honest, I find the similar resolution based on the playing of Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" in the film "Mars Attacks!" to be almost as believable.Why not spend most of your time living behind the waterfall? Why not set up a remote-control noise maker on the lawn and set up position on the porch with a shotgun? And I'm sure that I'm only scratching the surface when it comes to solutions.And there were too many horror-movie clichés: intensely irritating sounds at crucial moments and terror originating just outside of shots tightly centered on actors.The cocking of a shotgun just prior to the credits screams sequel. That really would leave me speechless.I will say that I thought the actors did a fine job. No problems there. If you want to suspend disbelief entirely and just let horror clichés wash over you for ninety minutes ... this is the film for you.


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