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Another Way is set in Hungary, a few years after Stalin's Soviet regime invaded the country (1956). The film, made in 1982, is a stunning presentation of the claustrophobia among the people, suffering from a new communist order where fear is the key to control people.
In this pool of angst, two women meet. Knowing such "abnormal" behaviour may be severely punished by the new communist regime, they must think twice about how they express their emotions and how they live their lives.
Really, twice, because apart from the regime, and the fact that one of them is married to some military responsible for teaching young boys the way of inflicting death to so-called enemies, they have the normal issues that any human may have whatever the nation-state in which they live:
Do I love her? Am I normal? Is she predative? What would happen if my husband found out? etc.

Some knowledge or interest in political affairs or situations will probably enhace the experience of watching this film, but it can be viewed simply as a love story between two women if one wishes.

Spoken language: Hungarian
Subs: English


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11 years ago

you're the best !!! I've been looking for Cynara: poetry in motion! Do u know this movie? I haven't seen it, I can't find it anywhere, but have seen parts of it on youtube, looks good. Costumes, storylines.. etc

7 years ago

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