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Source(s): R1 (ADV) DVD Video: 704x480 (4:3 DAR) / H.264 10-Bit (~2000 kbps) / 23.976fps / Chapters Audio: English / 2ch AC3 (192 kbps) & Japanese / 2ch AC3 (192 kbps) Subtitles: English / ASS [Kuraze] Group Comparison

Encoder Notes: New encode with corrections for haloing, blended frames, rainbowing applied. OCR'd and styled R1 subs with retiming, and line bleed fixes in EP2 .

DVD extras included.

NOTE: This v2 encode fixes some frame juddering which was present in the previous release. v3 Note: I didn't notice until yesterday in the comments someone mentioned a small bit of judder around ~05:13 in EP1 when a keyframe scene changed. After checking I confirmed it was missed in our v2. So I spent this morning trying to test solutions.

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Mr. Kimiko

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8 months ago

This should hopefully be our last version of this release.

8 months ago

Great work! Reading the manga last night. Already Volume 4 and it's awesome!

I hope they make a new Anime this gen. If Blame has a new movies, then Alita should have another Anime asap.

8 months ago

Many thanks >"<~~~

8 months ago

This series does indeed need a remake but Im sure they'd rely on crap CG somehow

4 months ago

live Action version indeed

4 months ago

Much appreciated.


Extras/Hyper Future Vision Gunnm - Battle Angel 290 kB
Extras/[Koten_Gars] Battle Angel Alita OVA - 01 485 MB
Extras/[Koten_Gars] Battle Angel Alita OVA - 02 496 MB
[Koten_Gars] Hyper Future Vision Gunnm Battle -
Hyper Future Vision Gunnm Battle Angel Alita D 290 kB
[Koten_Gars] Battle Angel Alita OVA 01v3 [DVD] 485 MB
[Koten_Gars] Battle Angel Alita OVA 02v2 [DVD] 496 MB


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