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  • [Kitzoku] Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - Light Novel - Volume 01 - Volume 07 - PDF (YenPress)
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  • Kitzoku Zero Starting Life World Light Novel Volume PDF YenPress
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Fixed PDF versions for volume 2, 6 & 7


Volume 01 Colour Illustrations | Volume 01 - 07 Covers


Suddenly, high school student Subaru Natsuki has been summoned to another world on the way back from the convenience store. With the biggest crisis of his life being summoned to another world, and with no sign of the one who summoned him, things become even worse when he is attacked. But when he is saved by a mysterious, silver-haired girl with a fairy cat, Subaru attempts to return the favor by helping her track down something that was stolen from her. When they finally manage to get a clue, Subaru and the girl are attacked and killed by someone. Subaru then awakens in the place he was summoned and notices he gained the ability "Returns by Death" and has become a helpless boy that only has the ability to rewind time to a certain point by dying. Beyond the despair, can he save the girl from the fate of death?


Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Romance


Emilia best girl btw.

More at ibit.to
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11 months ago


11 months ago

OH! thanks so much, I hope you continue to upload more novels!

11 months ago

My plan is to make PDFs for all the licensed series. Okay, maybe not those weird shoujo ones, the quality of those are really eeeh.

And also to digitize most stuff that are only available in scanned format.

11 months ago

That's would be good idea, and thank you so much. I'll be waiting for your

11 months ago

@Kitzoku Vol 2, 6, and 7 dont have front cover. Is there an error in the pdf? Anyway, thank you for the pdf.

11 months ago

@febri87 There's no error in the PDFs, they'll read fine.

I don't know why my program didn't apply the cover properly tho, I'll put out some fixed versions, thanks for telling me.

11 months ago

Are the black and white illustrations edited to look a bit more brighter?

11 months ago

@Kitzoku Can you upload no game no life volume 6?

10 months ago

@crasber Nope, if anything, they'd be edited to look darker.

There might be some by-effect of one of the tools I use, if it's something that bothers you, I can try and look into it?

@mapikige Unless someone else uploads an EPUB of it, probably not. I really don't enjoy buying eBooks from YenPress because they price them the same as their physical copies. Which is a practice I really don't want to support.

There's only one series I'll probably ever buy in digital form from YP, and that one isn't even out yet.

7 months ago

Can we get Volume 7 epub?

7 months ago

Volume 2,6, and 7 still lost it's cover??


[Kitzoku] ReZero - Starting Life in Another World - Light Novel - Volume 01 - Volume 07 - PDF (YenPress)/ReZero - Starting Life in Another World - Vol 17 MB


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