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  • [DDD] 細田守作品集 Hosoda Mamoru: All His Own Work [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]
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  • DDD Hosoda Mamoru Work BDrip 720p HEVC AAC 10bits
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Garden's down, so here's first. The latest film, MIRAI, I believe that the director wrote family ties to tell a fantastic story, which brings him the nomination for 2018 Academy Award for best animated feature. They don't like it very much, when I notice their evaluation, almost for they don't much sense it. I thought you guys make yourselves into the young parents' shoes. But for me, I am in the elder brother's shoes, even I am already an adult, and I have a lot. Am I the only one? 细导最近的作品:未来的未来,我所看到的评分是:他们不喜欢,因为他们缺乏代入感,认为年轻父母离他们还太遥远。但是对于我来说,我却代入到小哥哥的感受里中枪无数,这样想的是不是只有我一个?在我看来,细导是写了一个奇幻故事来表达一个家庭的羁绊,主题明确,看得轻松,那么她就是一部佳作! 中文字幕来自四面八方的字幕组,感谢原字幕组。 Encode: HEVC CRF18 10bit in depth, and QAAC tvbr 100(224k).

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[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits].rar 164 kB
[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/おおかみこどもの雨と雪.mp4 1.0 GB
[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/サマーウォーズ SUMMER WARS.mp4 1.4 GB
[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/バケモノの子 The Boy and The Beast.mp4 1.5 GB
[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/時をかける少女.mp4 892 MB
[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/未来のミライ MIRAI.mp4 1.2 GB
[DDD] 細田守 [BDrip 720p HEVC AAC][10bits]/細田守.txt 526 B


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