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Sub Traditional Chinese by #CHAT RUMBLE# in Taiwan


Shuusuke Takanashi has made a hobby out of collecting naughty magazines, naughty DVDs and naughty pictures, and he also has a healthy interest in school swimsuits, knee-socks and striped panties.

Fortunately for him, his adorable younger sister Nao loves the fact that her perverted brother that will do anything he can to take a glimpse of her panties - she'd take him over a stylish brother any day.

But Iroha Tsuchiura, Shuusuke's childhood friend is coming back after being away for 10 years... and she sure isn't going to give up on Shuusuke now. She even keeps a telescope pointed at his room so she can keep an eye on him all the time...

Shuusuke finds himself trapped in a love triangle with Nao and Iroha... but it's not going to end there. It looks like the class rep of Shuusuke's class, Mayuka Kondou is on her way to add even more trouble to this relationship!

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