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  • [170503] Aimer Best Selection “blanc” [FLAC]
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  • einsamerwanderer
  • 170503 Aimer Best Selection blanc FLAC
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My rip of Aimer's Best Selection album "blanc" from the limited edition (SECL-2139) with scans and music videos from the included BD - the MP3 torrent has 720p/AAC videos while the FLAC torrent has 1080p/FLAC videos.

I started working on this off and on since it was released and almost gave up finishing it several times since it was taking me so long. The videos in particular proved difficult to a pleb such as myself due to how they were stored on the BD (single m2ts file for all the videos rather than individual files for each video). Eventually I finished up and decided I'd spent too much time and effort on the release to not share it. I hope someone else finds it worthwhile.

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.

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2 years ago

hello einsamerwanderer i want to ask about do you forgot upload BD music video number 13 NATSUKUSANIKIMIWOOMOU ? i checked it from cdjapan it has 13 music video. thanks

2 years ago

im sorry didint see that its 1 video in number 12..

2 years ago

@Ichtch - Just now seeing this, sorry for the confusion. Generally speaking if there's a set/partial set from a live performance I'll leave it as one file and add chapters for the different songs. Just makes the most sense to me. Thanks for putting a second set of eyes on it though.


BD/01. Chouchou Musubi MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [C019C078].mkv 439 MB
BD/02. Re:pray MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [E33D2DE5].mkv 323 MB
BD/03. Anata ni Deawanakereba~Natsuyuki Fuyuhana~ MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [01C95312].mkv 304 MB
BD/04. Polaris MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [F6CDB01D].mkv 211 MB
BD/05. Kimi wo Matsu MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [58C915FD].mkv 181 MB
BD/06. Kataomoi MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [5FACC57E].mkv 131 MB
BD/07. broKen NIGHT MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [C3C0D517].mkv 420 MB
BD/08. Akane Sasu MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [C736432B].mkv 314 MB
BD/09. Yuki no Furu Machi MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [63724CB6].mkv 171 MB
BD/10. everlasting snow MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [AA255D54].mkv 208 MB
BD/11. Rokutousei no Yoru MUSIC VIDEO [1080p Hi10 x264 FLAC] [1FCB570E].mkv 237 MB
BD/12. Sabishikute Nemurenai Yoru wa/Natsukusa ni Kimi o Omou (LIVE from Aimer Hall Tour 2016) [1080p Hi1 287 MB
Scans/01.jpg 467 kB
Scans/02.jpg 19 kB
Scans/03.jpg 489 kB
Scans/04.jpg 1.6 MB
Scans/05.jpg 845 kB
Scans/06.jpg 797 kB
Scans/07.jpg 1.5 MB
Scans/08.jpg 754 kB
Scans/09.jpg 1.5 MB
Scans/10.jpg 588 kB
Scans/11.jpg 2.5 MB
Scans/12.jpg 1.5 MB
Scans/13.jpg 459 kB
Scans/14.jpg 944 kB
Scans/15.jpg 1.2 MB
Scans/16.jpg 86 kB
Scans/17.jpg 480 kB
Scans/18.jpg 338 kB
Scans/19.jpg 891 kB
Scans/01. Rokutousei no Yoru.flac 39 MB
Scans/02. Chouchou Musubi.flac 28 MB
Scans/03. Anata ni Deawanakereba~Natsuyuki Fuyuhana~.flac 41 MB
Scans/04. Polaris.flac 42 MB
Scans/05. Re:pray.flac 36 MB
Scans/06. Hoshikuzu Venus.flac 29 MB
Scans/07. broKen NIGHT.flac 35 MB
Scans/08. Kataomoi.flac 21 MB
Scans/09. Kimi wo Matsu.flac 33 MB
Scans/10. Akane Sasu.flac 38 MB
Scans/11. Yuki no Furu Machi.flac 29 MB
Scans/12. everlasting snow.flac 40 MB
Scans/13. March of Time.flac 33 MB
Scans/14. Kachou Fuugetsu.flac 33 MB


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